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Home from vacation!

April 15th, 2016 at 05:18 pm

We are back from Laughlin/Vegas! We had a great trip, the weather was wonderful the entire time (high 70's/low 80's), we had some delicious food, lots of time together and lots of fun gambling, relaxing and exploring!

We were able to use comps, coupons, and gift cards for most of our expenses so we spent less then $50 for food the whole 5 days we were gone.

We didn't win gambling, but our goal was to bring home 50% of what we brought and we were able to bring home $1000 more then our goal, so that was great!

I am glad to be home on a Friday so that we have this weekend home to recoup before having to go back to work, and I got the whole house clean before we left, so we just need to unpack the suitcases and do laundry and catch up on sleep! I am also hoping to get our garage cleaned out so it is functional and ready for a rummage sale.

Working on a debt update and $20K Savings update this evening!

Extra Income - Property Managers

February 29th, 2016 at 01:35 pm

My parents own several rental properties and one of them is a 4 unit that is in the neighboring town to me (About a 15 min drive for me, about 90 mins for my parents). They have had some really terrible luck with their renters lately and have finally gotten the scummy (drug charges, child neglect, etc.) property managers evicted, as well as another unit evicted. Since MO and I are now a lot closer then my parents, we are going to take over as the property managers and take care of renting the units, collecting rent, lawn maintenance and general repairs. They are going to pay us $250 a month for collection the rent and getting it rented, and then an hourly rate for any additional services (painting, repairs, etc.). This should work out good for us to get some extra cash and for my parents to have someone they can trust making sure everything is running smoothly up here.

Right now the 2 units that are open are trashed. Carpets are all garbage, many holes in the walls that need to be repaired, all walls need to be painted. Also the shed and garages are full of junk and the yard is a mess. My parents, myself, MO, and both of my brothers have been working to get the units ready for renters. MO and I will not be taking over as property managers until everything is settled and in place for renters. So once all this work is completed, most months we should only have to collect rent (and mow in the summer). So far we have painted all of one of the units and taken out the old carpets. MO and I spent 3 hrs on Saturday cleaning out the large shed of garbage, tons of broken glass, a mountain of mouse droppings and 1 mouse skeleton (GROSSSSS!). I know once we have everything in shape, MO and I can keep it looking good and things should roll smoothly.

We did make $160 in Feb for helping so once we get paid for that we can add that to savings, and I am sure we will get some good hrs in for March too.

Update on Food Wasting Challenge

February 8th, 2016 at 08:13 am

I cleaned out the fridge to make room for Super Bowl goodies and I had to finally let some things go that I no longer considered edible.

Here is what I have tossed so far in 2016:

26oz of expired skim milk
1/2 qt heavy cream
Small box of breakfast sausages (I believe 6ct)
2 teeny tiny peppers
1/4 Family Size Container Chobani Yogurt

Still pretty happy with how this is going as I am paying a lot more attention to what we are using or having to toss. I am going to suggest to MO to get smaller size milk from now on. The heavy cream was kind of a fluke as we do not normally keep that on hand and it was bought for a recipe. I tried to find something else to put it in, but didn't find anything I especially wanted to make before it turned non-liquidy...ewwww.

Making sure to stay on top of the dairy and produce.

We won $2K at the casino!

February 1st, 2016 at 08:08 am

MO and I went to the casino this weekend to celebrate finally having full renters in my old house. We weren't doing too well so decided to just call it a night early. On the way to the room MO saw one more game he wanted to play so we stopped and it let us play for a long time which was nice. It was 10 hand deuces wild, and we got dealt a Natural Royal Flush, betting .25 a hand, which pays $200 a hand! So 10 hands x $200 per hand = $2000! We were so excited!! After that we played a bit more and ended up coming home up $1770! We will put the money in savings for a very short time then use it to pay my property tax bill at my old house (rental #2). Cheers!

YES! My whole house is rented!

January 29th, 2016 at 11:28 am

Up until now, just the basement of my old house was rented. Since I still had a lot of belongings there I still paid the heat/electricity, water and internet. One of MO's friends was renting the basement for a flat fee of $600 and that was working very well as I trust him so was ok with my belongings still being there. Plus we were able to get some much needed repairs done while still having some rent coming in. Now that I am finally out of there I let him know that if he stays rent will increase to $1200 as of March 1, or if he moves out, I will raise rent to $1500. I am ok with losing the $300 a month to have someone I trust in my property so was really hoping he would stay. Got great news yesterday, MO's brother is going to be moving in to the other half of the house, he is friends with the current renter and will be paying the other $600 a month!

This is awesome! So that will be an extra $600 a month in rent, plus they will now be resp for heat/electricity (est $100 per month) plus internet ($55 per month). So that is an extra $755 per month in my pocket!

AND I still get the benefit of having people I trust in there! Smile

End of Year/Beginning of Year Stuff

January 20th, 2016 at 07:02 am

Well now that I don't have OT, at least I have about 10 hrs more a week to continue working on unpacking, cleaning, organizing and working out!

Since I work from home I get reimbursed for my internet service, but I have to submit the bill monthly for reimbursement. I went through all of my statements today and matched them up with my paystubs to make sure I didn't miss submitting any, and I have been reimbursed for all of them, so that is great and now those can get filed away.

MO and I started entering our taxes on Turbo Tax a few days ago, just wanting to get a general sense of where we are at since we had so many big changes this year. We don't have everything entered yet, but looks like we should be getting a refund of $1000-$2000 which would be great. I was very worried with having the rentals that we would have to pay in this year, but since it is the first year and we have a lot of expenses for getting them up and running it isn't going to hurt us on the refund side.

I also need to overhaul all of my files and move 2014 and 2015 papers from my yearly file to my permanent file. I usually do this every January, but last year at this time I was still dealing with a lot of stuff from XH and just didn't get around (or care to) do it.

Updated Giftcard Inventory

December 27th, 2015 at 04:28 pm

I always like to update my giftcard inventory after Christmas, always have a few more to add at that time!

I have used a few CVS cards since last time I updated, I had 3 E-certs that were just printed on paper so was glad to get those ones used because I was worried about losing those.

Next weekend I am going to a movie with my SIL's and shopping with my Mom, so should be using at least 1 movie ticket and hopefully find some after Christmas Deals as well to use some of my gift cards on!

We also have $188 in cash back rewards with Discover Card right now. Normally I would cash in for CVS giftcards by now, but since I can't shop there as often living an hr away, I figured I would wait till I am almost out before I get more. Also we are planning on going to Laughlin in April and there are a few restaurants (Outback Steakhouse and Bubba Gump Shrimp) there that we don't have here and we would definitely use the rewards for that.

The new ones I added are in bold.

Applebees $20.00
Applebees $25.27
Barnes & Noble $5.00
Barnes & Noble $10.00
Bed Bath & Beyond $10.00 - Christmas Gift from work
Bed Bath & Beyond $10.00 - Christmas Gift from work
Coldstone $15.00 - MO BD Gift
CVS $10.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $25.00
Drug Store $25.00 - Restaurants.com Deal
Drug Store $25.00 - Restaurants.com Deal
Drug Store $25.00 - Restaurants.com Deal
Drug Store $25.00 - Restaurants.com Deal
JCPenney $25.00
JCPenney $45.00 - Christmas Gift
Lowe's $25.00
Lowe's $50.00
Massage $50.00 - Christmas Gift
MasterCard $100.00
Menards Rebates $45.94
Menards Rebates $69.32
Menards Rebates $114.91
Menards Rebates $146.87
Menards Rebates $146.87
Menards Rebates $214.12
Movie Coupons $10.00
Movie Coupons $10.00
Movie Giftcard $10.00 - Christmas Gift
Movie Giftcard $10.00 - Christmas Gift
Movie Giftcard $10.00 - Christmas Gift
Old Navy $25.00- Christmas Gift
Scheels $5.93
Scheels $25.00
Scheels $50.00 - Christmas Gift
Target $5.00
Target $5.00
Target $5.00
Target $10.00
Target $20.00
Target $50.00
Target $50.00
Texas Road House $50.00
TGIFridays $25.00
Walmart $10.00
Walmart $11.36
Walmart $20.00
Walmart $35.00
TOTAL = $1581.72
Up $421.55 from last inventory.

Pictures are working!?!?!?

December 17th, 2015 at 05:01 pm

Can it be true!!!!!!?????

Testing with a picture of my dog when I told her she couldn't sit on my lap right now.

Letting go of people is hard, holding onto them is harder

December 8th, 2015 at 08:06 am

For those of you that know my back story and drama of my life the last few years.....you know I got divorced due to lots of issues stemming from XH's alcoholism. One of the biggest issues was his infidelity. I don't want to get into the whole big shabang, but basically as we were starting to enter divorce territory, I was informed by several people that XH had made sexual advances at them, and they hadn't told me because they didn't want to "rock the boat" so to speak as from the outside everyone thought we were happily married, and they also thought their encounters with XH were isolated incidences, and they blamed the alcohol. As I was hearing about these more and more, I began to wonder if my MOH (from wedding to XH) from our wedding had ever had anything happen as she was with us ALL the time. Keep in mind this was about 2 years ago now, and I had tried to call her and text her to ask her about it, she wouldn't answer, and when she responded via text she pretty much told me to F off, and told me she didn't want to be involved in our problems. It was totally shocking as I had just asked her if HE had hit on her, I didn't imply in anyway that she had done anything wrong, but her response pretty much shows me that she did...why else would she get so defensive? I had other good friends that he had hit on, and when I asked them about it, or some of them came forward on their own, they apologized for not telling me right away, but I assured them it wasn't their fault that XH put them in an awkward position and as long as they rebuffed his advances I don't feel they did anything wrong as that was a tough spot to be in. Also MOH knew XH was a cheater because she was with on a birthday bus trip I planned for XH when he kissed someone else's girlfriend in front of other party guests! So even if she thought any altercation with him was isolated before, once that trip happened she knew that he was a chronic cheater and could have came forward then IF she wasn't also guilty. And now, 2 years after all of this went on, I now know that XH had inappropriate contact with at LEAST 12 women while we were married, and sent me inappropriate texts while I am now married to someone else and he is having a baby with someone else, and MOH STILL tags him in stuff on FB??? Good friend huh??? So the whole situation is heartbreaking. I am over losing XH, I have someone so much better who appreciates me and chooses me, not alcohol, not other women, not anyone or anything else. But it still hurts a lot to lose MOH, even though, especially typing it out, I can see that she is a terrible person and probably has been to me for a long time without me realizing it. We have been friends for about 15 years, been on lots of trips together, supported each other at family functions, weddings, funerals, baptisms. And I do love her. But I just can't take her awfulness anymore, so yesterday I finally unfriended her on FB. Not sure what the repercussions of that will be yet, as I am good friends with her siblings and parents as well, and we are still on a softball team together. I am guessing she won't even notice as she hasn't "liked" or "commented" on any of my pics or statuses in over 2 years, but constantly "likes" XHs status (which thankfully I don't see anymore since I blocked him) and also tags him in stuff all the time.

I feel she is the last person in my life that I kept even though they were hurting me cause I really wanted her to just one day tell me what happened and say she was sorry, and I would have forgiven her. But I know now that is never going to happen so time to let go and move on to people who care about me and my happiness.

So cheers to mental health and letting go of those that hurt you.

Update Giftcard Inventory

November 8th, 2015 at 10:57 am

My SIL came and kept me company while our hubbies were hunting together this weekend. We got through a LOT more boxes of misc. stuff. Found several more giftcards!

The new ones I added are in bold.

Applebees $20.00
Applebees $25.27
Barnes & Noble $5.00
Barnes & Noble $10.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $10.00
CVS $50.00
CVS E-cert $5.00
CVS E-cert $5.00
CVS E-cert $5.00
JCPenney $25.00
Lowe's $25.00
Lowe's $50.00
MasterCard $100.00
Menards Rebates $114.67
Menards Rebates $146.82
Menards Rebates $214.12
Movie Coupons $10.00
Movie Coupons $10.00
Scheels $5.93
Scheels $25.00
Target $5.00
Target $5.00
Target $5.00
Target $10.00
Target $20.00
Target $50.00
Target $50.00
Texas Road House $50.00
TGIFridays $25.00
Walmart $10.00
Walmart $11.36
Walmart $20.00
Walmart $35.00
TOTAL = $1160.17

Giftcard Inventory

October 22nd, 2015 at 06:13 pm

As MO and I are still unpacking and organizing, I am making sure we have a central place for important items that we don't want to lose! I bought this AMAZING cute desk and file cabinet set (Wish I could post a pic for you!) it is painted turquoise and distressed look, the top has an old tan world map imposed onto it....hard to describe without seeing it, but trust me it's adorable! The file cabinet is also wooden and painted the distressed turquoise, and it has a mail holder built into the top and the slots are perfect to used to keeping all of our giftcards. We have a lot of them floating around right now since we received quite a few for wedding gifts, as well as random ones from before.

Applebees $20.00
Applebees $25.27
Barnes & Noble $5.00
Barnes & Noble $10.00
JCPenney $25.00
MasterCard $100.00
Target $5.00
Target $5.00
Target $5.00
Target $10.00
Target $20.00
Target $50.00
Target $50.00
Texas Road House $50.00
Walmart $10.00
Walmart $11.36
Walmart $20.00
Walmart $35.00
TOTAL - $456.63

Preparing to move the rest of my belongings

October 21st, 2015 at 10:06 am

We have a Uhaul rental set up to move my furniture from Rental #2 (My old house) to our new home on Nov 1. Lots of packing up and purging to do before then! I have been unpacking MO's stuff and putting tons of stuff for sale on FB to get ready of misc items that we do not need. Made about $30 this week selling what I would call "junk" (Don't tell MO I call it that!) LOL! I also packed and moved my shoes to the new house, and managed to part with 6 prs, 3 to the trash, and 3 to sell. I sold one so far. It always feels so good to get rid of unneeded/unused items!

Nov will be our first month paying 3 mortgages. Saying that makes me feel a little nervous, but with the renters we have, we are actually only paying $500 OOP total for all 3 mortgages, so as long as everything goes fine with our renters we should be smooth sailing.

I am also changing my car insurance and home insurance to be added to MO's and will have some small savings with that. MO is having Escrow taken off of Rental #1, so that payment will go down, and we should also get a refund check to put into savings.

Working about 10hrs a week of OT (my job has unlimited OT) so that helps the bottom line as well.

Test for pictures

October 14th, 2015 at 04:18 pm


Sad pics are still not working......it has been a couple of months now, has anyone heard anything on this or know who we can contact to try to get pics back?

I heart Discover! (What's new??)

October 11th, 2015 at 09:35 am

As if I needed another reason to LOVE my Discover Card....a few weeks ago I called them to change my name since I got married last month. Not only was the process painless (as is everything with their customer service!) but now I received a wedding card in the mail from the rep that helped me change my name and address, a very sweet note from them, as well as a $15 Discover Giftcard! I have had a Discover as my credit card of choice since I was 17 and will be a happy and loyal customer for life!

Suggestions for selling old wedding ring?

October 11th, 2015 at 09:13 am

I would like to sell my old wedding set. I have never sold any jewelry before, so I am looking for any suggestions on where/how to do so. I checked with the retailer where the set was purchased from (Zales) and they stated that they do not buy back jewelry, but that they would use it as part of an exchange it for an item of double the value paid for the rings. So the ring was $5000, XH paid cash so they discounted down to $3500. So Zales will give me $3500 credit towards a $7000 purchase. If I was in the market for more jewelry, then I would say this isn't a terrible deal, but I don't need anymore jewelry, and certainly not $7K worth!

I also went to a pawnshop, just to get an idea on what they would pay....$400! UM no thanks!

MO also tried to look online about selling it, but that didn't seem to promising either.

I realize I will not get anywhere near what the ring is worth, but I really don't think I would want to sell it for less then $2K. It is a beautiful set, 2 carats total, and I have all of the paperwork for it.

Back from Denver!

October 6th, 2015 at 04:57 pm

I am back from vaca to Denver! We had a great time and got to see sooo much! The trip ended up being a group trip of 8 friends/family, with many more meeting us at the football game.

We went to the Vikings/Broncos game, Black Hawk Casinos, Dinosaur Ridge, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (AMAZING!), ghost town, and dinosaur museum. Everything went great and the people in Denver were so friendly. Smile We ate too much, drank too much and spent too much..... = Great Vacation! We spent time with MO's family, but also had a whole day alone as well which was wonderful. Smile

Now FINALLY after a year of craziness,(moving to a new town and work at home employee, getting engaged, getting married, finding a renter for my house, buying new house, finding renter for MO's house, trips to Las Vegas, Boston and Denver...all of these things occurred in only a 6 month time frame!), we may have some normalcy for awhile. We will be settling into our new home, enjoying hunting season, and getting ready for the holidays.

XH Reappears = Emotionally Exhausted

October 1st, 2015 at 08:02 am

Sooooo...as you know if you read my blog, I got divorced last year after 7 years of marriage, 12 together total (XH wanted the divorce, I did not, I believe when you get married, you stay married, and you figure out your issues, not run away from them...Though now I am so happy that I did get divorced.) We had a LOT of problems, all stemming from his alcoholism (I am not a perfect spouse, but I was willing to work on and fix anything to save our marriage, he was very clear that he would never stop drinking). We divorced as amicably as you can considering it is a divorce and I did not want it, we had no children, we split everything evenly, no lawyers. Shortly after I got divorced I met, well re-met MO (My One) and we started dating, I moved to his town, got engaged, and last month got married. I have had very limited contact with XH. He still gets some mail at my old house (I have reminded him many times to change his address, he moved out in May 2014....so a year and a half ago.....ridiculous!) so I occasionally text him to pick up his mail, but other then that I never initiate contact with him.

He occasionally texts me something random, when he sees something that reminds him of me, etc. This occurs about once a month, and I either ignore the text completely or respond nicely (but platonically), and don't prolong the conversation, answering with few words and no more then 1 or 2 replys (unfortunately I have a very hard time ignoring people because I know how much it hurts my own feelings to be ignored). We are both always nice to each other in texts, but I end the convo quickly and don't "reminice" with him.

Now a few days ago he texted me:

"Soooooo I have something I need to tell you before you see it on FB"

My reply "Let me guess. You got your girlfriend prego."

"Wow you are good"

He then continues to text me several more times about how he was so surprised and yadda yadda yadda. Meanwhile I don't respond at all and go on to have a complete and total breakdown including crying till I puke. XH and I tried for 7 YEARS to get pregnant. I can't even start to count how many drs visits, tests, DOLLARS, tears, depression.....and after all the testing we were told very clearly XH IS THE PROBLEM, XH CANNOT EVER HAVE CHILDREN. His numbers were outrageously low for every sperm test. My tests all came back clear and good to go. That all occured after about 2 years of trying, after that he wouldn't talk to me AT ALL about trying invitro, donor sperm, adopting, etc. So for the remaining 5 years of our marriage I waited for him to be able to talk about it and find out if I would ever get to be a Mom....that obviously never happened. After we were in the process of getting divorced he told me "I guess I don't really believe in that other stuff (children from non natural conception)....REALLY?!?!? Well that would have been nice to tell your WIFE 5 years ago!! Or maybe before we got married!! UGH!!!!!! So now he dates some girl (who already has 4 children and lives on the other side of the US) and a few months later she is pregnant.....WTF. Let me be clear I am not upset that he is having a baby with someone else. I am upset #1 because if HE CAN have kids, it sure seems like I am the one that can't. Frown And #2 WHY IN THE HECK ARE YOU TEXTING ME ABOUT THIS??? I didn't text you when I moved to another city, I didn't text you when I got engaged, I didn't text you when I got married, I didn't text you when we bought a new house.....why not? Cause it's none of your business anymore and we don't need to know anything about each others lives! And he knows darn well how painful the baby topic is for me, so I guess he is just trying to be spiteful and hurt me.

So I have my mega breakdown, MO was not home, he was actually at my old house that we are renting out as we had coed softball that night so he went down to get some things done before our game. I get myself together and go down there, still not responding to any of the texts since the first one from XH. I go to softball and try to buck up, his life doesn't effect me so who the he!! cares. My parents come to the game, MO is on my team, and my super awesome BIL and SIL as well. At the end of the games I go get my phone out of my bag, and I have 5 missed texts, 3 missed calls and a VM from XH. The texts are things like "Bummed that you didn't respond" "Well hope life is good to you, I love you always" "I love you"... Frown The VM is a long, clearly drunk VM of "I love you's and I miss you's and everything will be ok" Well that is awesome. For the last 6 months of our marriage when I said "I love you", his response was "I know". NOW he wants to give me "I love yous" BULLSH!T So it was terrible, MO was obviously outraged as he should be if someone is telling HIS WIFE that they love her and miss her. I didn't respond to any of the texts or call him back. That was a few days ago and I havent heard a peep since. Most likely he doesn't remember as he was definitely drinking. So I am torn between sadness and anger. How dare he do that to me. I just got married, I clearly moved on with my life but he feels the need to bring me down. I really hoped that getting divorced would be the rock bottom he needed to get help for his alcoholism, clearly it wasn't. I talked to my Mom and she made a good point about how lucky I was that I didn't get pregnant with X as then I would have been doing that all alone too, and having to explain to my kids why Dad punches holes in the wall, and can't walk straight or slurs his words.....true true.

So there is my drama fest for awhile....I was so mad and upset about it I had to wait a few days to even post this. XH and I still have our car insurance together (since we were amicable with each other it didn't seem like a big deal to temporarily leave the vehicles together and continue getting the multi-car discount) but now I will move my insurance and apparently will need to block XH's phone number, which is not something that I wanted to do, but he obviously doesn't understand what is acceptable contact, which I should have known by now since that is another reason we got divorced....SIGH.

I'm married and we finally closed on the house!!

September 8th, 2015 at 07:05 pm

Yeah I am married!!! Smile

On Wednesday right before I took off to the Lake for the wedding weekend, we closed on the new house. FINALLY! 1 more hr and they would have had to redo all of the paperwork with my new last name!

Wedding went without a hitch, we were expecting rain and thunderstorms all day, forecast said up to 90% chance of rain/thunderstorms. It stopped raining around 9am, and not a drop the rest of the day! It was overcast all day (which we were fine with as long as it wasn't raining) and then about 5 mins before the ceremony the sun came out and it was beautiful! Wonderful!!

Everyone had a great time, we had burgers (with cheese right in the patty), beer bacon and cheese brats, hotdogs, lots of different picnic salads, and cheesy hashbrowns. Adorable sunflower cupcakes and smores for dessert.

Then we had games set up (beanbags, horseshoes, volleyball, laddergolf, crochet, etc) for everyone to play on the beach followed by a bonfire. Volleyball was very popular and super fun! We are exhausted and happy come the end of the evening.

Since MO (My one!) and myself both already had our own homes and all the normal home items, we did not register for gifts, we did receive a few presents, but mostly cards with cash or giftcards, which will come in handy for furnishing and decorating our new home.

Test for picture

August 27th, 2015 at 06:09 am


Hmmm...nope, still not working. Has anyone heard anything on if they are working to get that fixed or if there is anything we can do individually to fix it?

Maximum Pictures Loaded?

August 18th, 2015 at 06:07 am

I really can't figure out why I can't load pics on my blog. Both my computer and camera are working on other websites.....has anyone had this issue? Is there a max number of pics/data that my blog can hold?

Any ideas/input is appreciated! Thank you!

Update on Me

August 17th, 2015 at 06:29 am

Hi All! I have been MIA lately, things are just nuts here and I can't keep up!

The wedding is in less then 3 weeks! There is still so much to do and I am super stressed out and having bad dreams about things not being done on time!

The house closing is STILL NOT DONE. We are extremely frustrated. We provided everything that is needed for the loan, then weeks and weeks later we were notified that they needed more, completely unnecessary paperwork! MAD! Example: We need a signed and dated letter that says why you want to move down the street. For real?!?! #1 - Why do you care? #2 - Why is that your business?? If I want to buy a new house, I shouldn't have to explain that to anyone?! Grrrr!

I have been trying super hard to lose some weight before the wedding (unfortunately when DF and I start dating and I finally felt happy again I gained a bunch of weight). I am pretty frustrated as I have been trying really hard and just not getting anywhere.....add to the stress of the wedding and house and I feel like I am losing my mind!

Oh and did I mention the BIG rummage sale is just 4 days after the wedding.....so I have no prep time....

Also I hurt my leg pretty badly in June at a softball tourney, thought it would get better on it's own, it hasn't, so I have been going to PT a few times a week as well.

And now my pictures won't load on my blog at all.....I use this camera and computer for lots of other sites (FB, etc.) where I am posting pics and don't have any problems so not sure why it wont work here.....

So there is my rant! Praying for mid September to get here so I can breathe for a minute!

WOW Where to start!?!? Boston Trip/DFs Debt/Buying a new House

June 22nd, 2015 at 11:46 am

Starting to wonder if life will EVER slow down!?

The Boston trip went great! We had such a fun time! We went to 2 baseball games at Fenway. Red Sox vs Braves, which are my 2 favorite teams, so fun for me no matter who wins. Smile The Braves won the 1st game, and the Red Sox won the 2nd, PERFECT! We also went to Foxwoods (biggest casino in the world at 8.4 MILLION square ft!) and Mohegan Sun, took a Duck Boat Tour, Old North Church, site of Boston Tea Party, sooooooo much to see and do we didn't even get to see close to everything we wanted, but you do need to relax a little on vaca too. Wink But a fabulous time for sure!

The day before we left on vacation we had gone to a showing of a home we were interested in. We looked at the house, and then drove to my home town to go to the airport, so not a lot of time to review anything. We both really liked the house....but it was priced a lot higher then we were comfortable with ($310,000), so we wanted to see if we would be approved (we already ran the numbers ourselves and knew we could afford it) and then offer a much lower offer ($260,000). I called my bank lady who I love, but unfortunatley she wasn't able to approve us. There were 2 main reasons for this:

#1 Because we are keeping our two current homes and renting them out, and she was not able to give us any income credit for renting them without having TWO YEARS of income taxes showing the rental income. How are we supposed to get rental history while we are living in the homes?? LOL

#2 DFs non mortgage debt is too high, specifically his HELOC ($30,000).

This was disappointing as I really loved working with her in the past....but we called DF's bank instead....and they approved us!

Sooooooo we made an offer of $260K as we knew the sellers were needing to get out quickly (both the home owner and the realtor had told us that), they countered with $280K. We countered with $270K and they came back with $275K. We talked it over and decided we would agree to the $275K as we really think the house is worth it. About 20 mins after I sent the email that we would agree to the $275K, I got an email that said the seller agreed to the $270K?!?! HUH? So I checked my sent items and the email I sent agreeing to the $275K had gotten stuck in my Outbox, so they never got it and they thought I was playing hardball and they agreed to the lower price! We saved $5K because of me not being good at emailing on smart phones! LOL SWEET! We are now just waiting on paper work to get a closing date. We will have to have all 3 houses appraised ($$$$) so will probably be about 1-2 months before closing date....which would be almost exactly our wedding date.....Oh vei!!
And the 3rd and last major item to come up in the last week.....DF's Debt....it's not good. I knew he had some CC debt, the HELOC, his mortgage, and a loan through his employer. I was under the impression that the CC debt and store loan were around/under $5K. I had asked him numerous time for exact numbers, but he was always adament that he wanted to work on the debt on his own until we combined finances, which we weren't planning on doing until after the wedding, but since the house thing came up we are doing it now. I also knew that he had purchased my ring, which added about $10K (OUCHIE)worth of debt. Of course anyone that reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I am allergic to debt....so YUCK. But now I find out he was not being truthful with the exact amounts of the debts, this is partially my fault that I went with his "implying" of the totals, but mostly he was dishonest as he tells me now he knows how important finances are to me and he was very embarassed of the position he put himself in. The debt is about $20K more then I thought. EWWWWW. I will post the numbers and our plan to tackle it in a separate post. We had a pretty big blow up about it when he finally gave me the details, I was PISSED. But I do truely believe he is sorry for not coming clean about the specifics right away, he was embarrased and wanted to fix it on his own, and I know from reading tons of debt blogs in my life that people can be very ashamed of their debt issues, so I guess I understand why he didn't want to tell me. He says he now feels a huge sense of relief and that for the last few weeks he has been feeling very down about feeling like he was hiding this from me, so now feels much better, and he is commited to working as a team to get us to a better position.
It's only been less then a week and I have seen some BIG changes in him already (not buying snacks at the gas station, stopped driving his truck to work and is driving his car, went to the casino to eat (comped meal) and didn't gamble AT ALL (this is HUGE for either of us), neither of us will be gambling at all for a long time and if we do gamble again we will have it be a treat, not a regular occurance and there will be limits in place before we go, and also there will be no more credit card use at all for him. We also had a major heart2heart about being completely honest about everything as it only makes things worse to hide issues and I explained to him that the thing I was most mad about was not the amount of the debt, but the fact that he didn't tell me. So now we are fully on the same page and ready to go forward as a TEAM.

So there is where I am at in life today! Oh and did I mention I am getting married in only 2 months! OVERWHELMED MUCH?!? LOL I will be making a new entry shortly with our plan of action!

Finally found out what my SURPRISE trip is!!!!

June 9th, 2015 at 07:58 am

Around Christmas time DF told me that he had booked a surprise trip for us, and he wouldn't tell me where we are going....finally 6 months later he told me....WE ARE GOING TO BOSTON! Whoo hoo! I have never been to the East Coast so I am super excited!

We are going to 2 baseball games at Fenway, Braves vs Red Sox, my 2 Fav teams!! We are also going to go spend the night at Foxwoods Casino in CT, the largest casino in the US!

He already booked and paid for all of the flights, rental car, baseball games and hotels, so everything is paid for except food, additional entertainment and gambling.

I have $1600 left (out of $2000) from our Vegas trip, so I will be bringing that with for my spending/gambling money and shouldn't need to use it all.

SO EXCITED!! We leave in 4 days!

Having a down day

May 4th, 2015 at 09:04 am

Just found out a previous friend is pregnant with twin boys. They already have a girl who is about 3 y/o. I actually had blocked her feed from my FB because when her posts popped up it reminded me of a specific episode of XH cheating (not with her, but from the same group of friends). So I guess it's been all over FB since January that they are having twins but I just found out since I don't see her posts.

Just feeling super jealous. I will never understand how God chooses who gets to have babies and who doesn't. Frown According to the drs XH was the one that couldn't have children....but I feel paranoid that I won't be able to because of trying for so many (7!) and never getting pregnant. Also feel cheated of so many baby making years lost with him when he wasn't in it for the long haul anyways.

Sometimes I just have bad, selfish, jealous days. And I hate that. I don't want to be jealous when I find out people are pregnant...I want to be happy for them. I want to feel like a normal person....not a spiteful one. But it stings bad whenever I find out.

The worst is when people say "they understand". Unless you have gone through years of trying, crying, praying. $10K+ in medical bills, uncountable hours in drs offices, embarrassing, invasive tests.....prodding questions by drs, nurses, family, friends, strangers who think it's ok to ask someone "why don't you have kids yet" or "when are you going to have kids".....dealing with all of that....and to end up with NOTHING. If that hasn't happened to you then please don't tell someone you understand.

I know I should stick with "be thankful for what you have" But some days I just can't be thankful and I am resentful that I am not and may never be a Mom. I know I am feeling worse about this lately with Mother's Day coming up as it is always a very tough day for me every year.

Wedding Update

April 20th, 2015 at 09:05 am

Well I have finally started getting a few things done for the wedding.

We have a date - 9/5/15
We have a location - DF's Lake Cabin on Lake Sakakawea
We have an officiant - DF's brother is marrying us
We have a MOH - My cousin
We have bridesmaids dress color chosen - Dark Green (and possibly a dress but waiting to see what I get before she orders hers)
We have flowers picked out - Sunflowers
We have a plan for food - DF's grocery store deli will cater, hamburgers, brats, cheesy hashbrowns, pasta salads, etc.
We have a plan for cake - Cupcakes and a small cake for me and MH to cut.
We have a half of a guest list
We have some plans for getting chairs and decorations.
My brothers GF is doing my hair.
My step mom is doing my makeup, finger nails and toe nails.

So far we have spent $0.

I am feeling pretty good about where we are at considering we haven't actually sat down and done any planning!

The only thing I am concerned about now is getting a dress (I have been looking online, but haven't gone in anywhere yet), and a photographer (somewhat of a remote location, and I don't want to spend $1000s on a photog).

Misc Updates on my crazyness

March 22nd, 2015 at 02:13 pm

I REALLY want DF's debt numbers so I can race them here too.....but he said he would like to work on them as much as he can before we get married and combine everything. We are both in support of being a team and working together once everything is combined, but he doesn't want to bring any more debt into the marriage then he has to, and I definitely respect that he is trying to improve things himself and not in anyway relying on the savings I will be bringing to the marriage to pay off his debts. He is def not careless or indifferent to his spending (though not on my level of obsessiveness, LOL), but recent expenditures on me (wedding ring set and a surprise trip in June) were bought on credit and he is working on paying those off/down. I believe my ring was over $9K and the trip was somewhere around $3K. Then he will just have his home loan and a HELOC. He has 2 vehicles which are both paid off and also 2 boats that are paid off.

Once we are married we will make the best plan to pay off both houses and the HELOC together. Probably the HELOC first (lowest balance), then his house, then my house. Then build OUR house and rent out both of our previous residences. I think we can rent both of our houses for $1500 a month each, and both of our mortgages are only about $700 per month each. So if all goes as planned (Does it ever??) we should have a very nice rental income each month and within 10-15 years have 3 paid off homes, one for our residence, and 2 rental properties. Cart in front of horse again....lol.

Game plan right now:

-Need to pick a wedding date, we are thinking Aug/Sept as we are getting married outside at his lake cabin, they have a huge beautiful deck overlooking the lake and we want to get married on the deck. Looking at a $5K budget to include everything other then my wedding ring.

-I ordered P90X3 today! We are both going to do the program as soon as it arrives. Wedding Bootcamp!

-I am only waiting for one more piece of computer equipment before my WAH should be all set to go. I have my new computer and phone already moved to DF's house, waiting for my router. I am waiting for my chair and desk too, but I can use other furniture till the ones I want get here.

-Today I am working on cleaning out tons of old, dusty junk at DF's house. It's a lot of work to move two households together, but it's rewarding as well, and feels GREAT to get rid of so much stuff! I already have 2 bags full of recycling, 1 of garbage and about 1/2 a box full for rummage sale. I organization! DF got a 70 inch TV FREE when he bought my ring, so once the cleaning is done this week, we will put up the new TV!

Car Repairs, Combining Finances, and Oh carp I left my phone in NV :(

March 16th, 2015 at 02:28 pm

Well firstly I left my phone in NV (HEADSLAP). I must have left it on the charter bus that takes us from Harrah's to the hotel because I know I had it all day the day we left and then when we landed DF had a text from my bro that Harrah's hand my phone. Lucky for me, someone turned it in (I don't have a smart phone or anything inappropriate on my phone, so woudn't have been a huge deal, but still happy not to have to get a new phone). I called Harrah's and they mailed my phone, it is supposed to be here on Wednesday......it is soooooo hard not having a phone....especially with DF living an hr away. Frown

I had mentioned back around Sept that my AC on my car stopped working. Lucky for me again, it stopped working right when the weather was getting cooler, so I dealt with it and soon it wasn't a problem since I live in ND and is cold for many months. Well now we have been having some warmer days and it is miserable in my car. It wouldn't be too bad if I could just shut it off....but it actually blows HOT air at ALL times, even when I have the heat/air turned off. WEIRDNESS. So I do need to get that fixed ASAP as driving to DF's an hr away in 70 degree weather with the heater blowing on me is not a happy time! LOL

Lastly, DF and I have been speaking very generally about combining finances. We won't be doing that soon, we are just feeling things out for what will work for us. I am in a better position financially then DF, and due to past crash and burns (XH!!) I want to do a prenup. We aren't going to do a big lawyer induced pages and pages of legal mumbo jumbo. Just a general division of "this is what I am bringing to the table, this is what you are bringing to the table". We are each also most likely to inherit property from our parents/grandparents, and in the unfortunate possibility that we are no longer together, we want it noted that those properties are to stay with our families, not be divided up. Keeping it as simple as possible. Once we are married we will combine our assets and debts and work as a team! I don't care for separate finances, gives reasons to fight in my opinion. I like the unity of working towards mutual goals, as does DF (he is big on mantra of working as a team). Smile

Any suggestions or comments welcome!


March 14th, 2015 at 11:53 am


BF and I went to Laughlin and Vegas for vaca and he popped the question! YEAH! So excited and happy!!

Feeling Productive!

February 17th, 2015 at 08:03 am

Feeling good about getting things done already for the big move! Yesterday was day 1 of planning and I am off to a good start!

*Called and cancelled gym membership, I just need to stop there on my way home and sign that I am cancelling. (Savings of $25 per month)

*I made a rental agreement for me and my roommate to sign. Included info for no smoking, no pets, use of rooms, garage (including a cavaet for rummage sale time), rent, utilities, snow removal and lawn care, and end of rental agreement info.

*I forgot to mention, but I filed my taxes last weekend, on 2/8/15, so should have my refund soon.

Plans for this week:
-Sell lots on FB as BF works all weekend, so a good time to get my inventory down before I move
-Go through fridge (which is essentially empty), pantry, and freezer and see what I have to get eaten. The less I have to pack and move the better. So trying to get through as much as I can. There will be a lock down on eating out and buying groceries as I have TONS in my pantry and freezer.
-Clean up garage and laundry room. These are the only areas that need to be cleaned up before roommate moves in. Neither should take very long.
-Move rummage sale items from roommates room to other extra bedroom. (just some items in the closet that need to be moved)

I have a roomate! And I'm Moving!

February 15th, 2015 at 04:39 pm

On Monday my boss gave me the good news.....I have been approved to move to work at home (WAH)!! This means I can keep my current job, and move to live with BF!!(He lives a little over an hr away from me currently) Ohhhhh emmmm geeee! So excited!!! I waited all week (TORTURE) to tell BF, so that I could tell him on Valentines Day! I got balloons and made signs and surprised him after he was done coaching out of town so he was totally not expecting anything, it went great and he is so, so happy!

Wow so much to say! So much to do!

Sooooo.....lots and lots of things to do and changes happening!

It will likely be about 1-2 months before I will actually be working from home, still a few things to pass through budgeting dept. Which is actually good since I have so much to do before then!

BF's friend has decided to move into the basement. YEAH! I am working on getting a lease together and also need to do some cleaning up in the garage but otherwise ready. He will be moving in in March. He will be paying $600 a month in rent.

I have a gazillion things to do with getting BF's house ready for me to move in and the office (currently a guest room for him) ready with cleaning it out, and getting a chair and desk. Then for my house, for now it is fine, but will need to be packing and moving things up. Eventually I want to rent the whole house (I would guess in a year or so) and my roommate is aware of this and that I would be renting only the basement for a limited time, then he would have the option of renting the whole house, finding a roommate, or moving out. I need to do several repairs and updates before it would be ready to rent the whole house, so I am super happy that I will have a roommate income of $600 per month while I am moving and getting the upstairs ready to rent.

This will be sooooo many money savers for both me and BF!
#1 - FUEL!!!!
#2 - BF gets a $300 per month allowance for groceries, and any leftover rolls to the next month. This is definitely more then enough to cover all of our groceries per month, so shouldn't have any grocery bill at all.
#3 - I am cancelling my gym membership ($25 per month).
#4 - My roommate's rent money will go towards my mortgage payment and we haven't worked out all the details yet, but I will be paying something towards BFs mortgage. That will be saving us both money as I will be paying less overall then I pay now for my mortgage and he will have some help from me for his payment.
#5 - I will be able to put in LOTS more OT once I am WAH as my office has limited hours but when WAH I can come in earlier, stay later, and also work on the weekends if I want to. So that will e some great extra $$.

There will be lots more money savers once I have my whole house rented, but for now these will be great changes!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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