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Week of 10-25-09 To Do

October 25th, 2009 at 07:00 pm

(X)Mail utility bill - due 11-5-09
(X)Mail BOFA bill - due 11-17-09
( )Put spare tire away
( )Put extra tire in shed
( )Rake yard
(X)Buy Halloween Candy
(X)Call Dr
( )Waiting for dental EOB
-( )DOS 10-10-09
( )Waiting for medical EOB
-( )DOS 10-18-09
-( )DOS 10-21-09
-( )DOS 10-22-09
(X)My Payday 10-30-09
-(X)$50 to EF
-(X)$50 to vacation fund
-(X)$70 to Roth
-(X)6% to 401K
(X)DH Payday 10-30-09
-(X)$50 to EF
-(X)$50 to vacation fund
-(X)10% to 403B
( )No eating out - FAILED
I will update with (X) when each is completed.
Hmmmm.....Wednesday already and have only checked off 2......well I do have flu like symptoms....so I will blame those!

1 Responses to “Week of 10-25-09 To Do”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I get tired just reading your to do lists!

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