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New Biggest Loser Week 1 and 2

April 2nd, 2010 at 07:15 pm

Week Two
Pounds Lost this week = 3
Total pounds lost = 3
% weight loss = 1.68%
Place = 4th out of 8 people
Total down since original BL = 5

The week 1 weigh in was while I was in Mexico so this was my first weight in for this BL. This round will end May 24th. There are more people this time, and they also seem a lot more motivated. The first week everyone lost and one person lost 6lbs! I went up since the last BL had ended but am still down overall. I need to get my act together now that we are back from vaca. We are going grocery shopping tomorrow so going to get lots of fruits and veggies! Have to watch out for those chocolate bunnies and cadberry eggs though!
Also we are NOT eating out in April. We have been trying to do a month with no eating out for some time now and been very, very bad about it. But DH is in charge of no eating out for the month, 2 days down!
I found out today I am going to be the Matron of Honor in a wedding in May 2011 so gotta get looking sexy! Smile

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