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To Do List of Bills

April 2nd, 2010 at 07:47 pm

To Do list of bills:
1) Hot tub repair bill $750 - Paid off
2) Wisdom teeth removal(DH, just one tooth)$143.60 -PD
3) Dr bill #1 $141.10 - Paid off
4) Dr bill #2 $59.40 - Paid off
5) Dr bill #3 $94.50 - Paid off

I had not posted an update on these for awhile. But got the hot tub repair bill paid off and that was the last one we were working on. We have been getting a LOT of medical bills in 2010 (already met $2500 on our medical deductible for 2010) but we have been paying them right away with our HSA account. I am really happy to have that it is working good for us. Now if we could just get that darn mortgage paid off! Smile

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