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Rummage Sale is over

May 18th, 2010 at 12:28 am

Well we had a very successful rummage sale weekend. It had been raining here for the last 3 weeks and miraculously it was warm and sunny Friday - Sunday! So that was surprising and awesome! Friday we made $34.50, Saturday $37.75 and Sunday $9.00, plus my husband made $39.65 on his sports cards. So DH and I made $120.90. The rummage sale as a whole made $1114.75, my brother, SIL, Mom, and 2 friends were in the sale too, most of the money made was my Mom's as she has never ending stuff to sale. She really could have been on that "Hoarders" show at one time. She is doing a lot, lot better now, but still has garages full of stuff to sell and is working on getting items cleaned up, marked and boxed for the next rummage sale. We will probably have another one in a month or so. Our goal was $200 which we did not make, but I am happy with the $120 considering the most expensive things we had in the sale were only $5, most things we had were $2.00 or less. We put the .90 in our "pig" to add to our house payment (our pig is very full right now so June should be a good payment!) and I am saving the $120 for our trip to Deadwood in 2 weeks.

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