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June 2010 Mortgage

June 4th, 2010 at 03:04 am

Mortgage for June

Balance $133,400.00
+$541.94 Interest
+$345.57 Escrow
-$1286.00 Regular Payment
-$631.51 Principle Payment
New Balance $132,370.00

Additional Principle Payments 2010 = $3294.76
Current Position on Mortgage Amortization Schedule....September 2015...5 years and 3 months ahead of schedule!

Whoo hoo this was our biggest principle payment yet!
We paid our reg $500 extra, plus our "mortgage pig" had almost $100 in change in it....AND we took in our aluminum cans and made $38 off of that which we threw at the mortgage too! Party! The next 2 months will be tough to make any extra payments since DH will be on summer pay, but we are hoping to at least pay down to the next $100 mark.

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