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New Washer and Dryer

December 12th, 2010 at 06:05 pm

We went back to Lowes today and purchased the washer and dryer. We had shopped around at Sears, Lowes and Menards and found the best deal at Lowes. We got a Whirlpool frontload set. Regularily $599 each on sale for $449 each ($300 savings), plus a 5 year warranty $180, free delivery and take away of the old set. I signed up for a Lowes Card and got 6 months no interest. I was approved for $6000 on the Lowes card. So time to go crazy at Lowes! Ha ha just kidding. Anyways so they are delivering it next week. When I got home I transferred the total from our Home Improvement Account and part from the EF into a seperate account for the Washer and Dryer. So now it can sit and make me interest for 6 months until we pay the Lowes bill. It wasn't the cheapest set available, but we are hoping to have a nice set that we can use for a long time. Since the dryer still works we will try to sell that at our next rummage sale.

1 Responses to “New Washer and Dryer”

  1. ndchic Says:

    I've always found that Lowe's had the best selection for appliances. Plus they have really good customer service.

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