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Back from Deadwood - Winners! :)

March 13th, 2011 at 02:34 am

We are back from Deadwood and had a great time! It was super fun and I am sad that it is over already. We ended up bringing home $1500! YEAH! And that is all extra money for savings! We are still deciding what to do with all of it, but I have $1000 of it already transferred to savings.
We almost always play penny games. We had 3 awesome wins. $270 on Lord of the Rings betting $1.20 a spin, $300 on The Big Money Show betting .60 a spin, and $436 on Fortunes of the Caribbean betting .60 a spin.
I sent $750 to our "New Car" savings to meet the goal for the year, then sent $250 to the EF, which is the next goal on the list. So $500 left to decide on. I will talk to DH tomorrow and decide what to do with that.

Current Balance $12,000.00
+$750.00 to New Car from casino win
+$250.00 to EF from casino win
+$30.00 Even Out Amount
New Balance $13,030.00

ING $9200.00
Lawn Mower/Vacuum(cash) $400.00
HSBC $3430.00
Total = $13,030.00

Wow, so we just got to $12K a week ago and now we are already over $13K, plus ING accounts hit $9K!
P A R T Y !
Plus we still have $800 in the Super Secret Stash and $500 to decide on from Deadwood. We are really rolling towards the $20K goal!

1 Responses to “Back from Deadwood - Winners! :)”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Yay! A fun time and money coming home. Great! Big Grin

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