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More Free Stuff for the Rummage Sale

July 31st, 2011 at 07:37 pm

Normally we have several rummage sales every year, usually 3 or 4 between May and September. But this year due to the flooding in the area we weren't able to have any in May or June, and then by the time July came along my parents were in the middle of renovating their rental property so too busy to get everything ready for a rummage sale then.
Now that everything has settled down we are getting ready to have 2 rummage sales in 3 weeks at the end of August, beginning of September.
My friend who gave us a TON of clothes she did not want back in January was displaced due to the flooding and so had gone through all of their things again and had a bunch more to "donate" to the rummage sale. I always tell her she can put whatever she wants in the rummage sale, but she would just rather not mess with it at all, so she drops it off, we seperate everything, clean it up, mark it and store it and then we get to keep anything we make off of it. Back in January she brought almost all mens clothes and after everything was marked we would make about $70 if we sold all of it. This last week she brought a bunch more stuff....books, toys, more clothes, shoes, VHS movies, Christmas decorations etc. I marked everything and if we sell all of it that would be another $75...so almost $150 in free merchandise for the rummage sale!
We are also thinking about selling snowcones at this rummage sale in addition to the pop, juice, cupcakes and brownies that we normally sell. I have a snowcone machine and our freezer has an ice maker, so the only cost would be for the syrup.

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