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$20K Update

November 7th, 2011 at 12:47 am

DH had been saving his Cross Country pay and we took some of it to a mini trip to Deadwood this weekend. I was sick all weekend. Frown Darn cold/flu crap that is going around. We agreed whatever we brought home, DH would get half for fun money and the other half would go to savings. We were hoping to bring home around $500....only brought home $250.....oh well it is better then nothing! So that is another $125 for savings.

Current Balance $13,055.00
+$125.00 Money from Deadwood to Home Improvements
-$112.00 To ROTH IRA
+$12.00 Even Out Amount
New Balance $13,080.00

Bingo Money $690.00
ING $7700.00
Home Improvements(cash) $385.00
HSBC $4305.00
Total = $13,080.00

Added -0- to Bingo Tips
Tips total - $299.37
Wage total - $395.49
Total Bingo Money - $694.86

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