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Getting ready for another rummage sale

May 9th, 2012 at 06:45 pm

We are having a rummage sale in 2 weeks. My Mom came over and helped me clean up and sweep the garage today. Feels good to have it cleaned. Smile Also got all of our aluminum cans bagged up and ready to take in for recycling. Tomorrow my Mom is going to spray out the garage and start bring boxes over. I think I have mostly everything of ours marked, I like to mark things as I find them so that I don't have a ton to mark at one time. I need to do an inventory of our snacks and drinks to see what we have for my little snack shack.
Should be interesting to see how all of the deals I have been getting at CVS, Menards and JCPenney sell at the sale. Hoping to make a nice profit.

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