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Vehicle Registration and AAA Dues

April 10th, 2013 at 06:34 pm

Got some yearly vehicle bills in the mail today...so fun to get them both at once.... Frown

DH's Vehicle Registration $69.00
AAA Yearly Membership Dues $57.00

The AAA has been so worth it over the years. It includes up to 4 roadside assistance calls per year which include:
-Prepaid Towing
-Battery, lockout and tire service
-Fuel Delivery Service
-Vehicle Locksmith Reimbursement

Plus numerous different discounts at hotels, retailers, etc. Last year DH had a horrible day where he broke his cell phone AND locked his keys in his car....he was very happy to have AAA that day! Usually the only thing we ever have to use it for is locking the keys in the car, but have used it before for a towing as well and obviously using it only once a year is worth the $57, plus the piece of mind it gives to know someone will come get you anywhere, anytime. Smile

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