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Doing well on tracking spending, OT, weightloss and cleaning

January 12th, 2014 at 02:43 am

I made up sheets to track our spending on eating out and gambling to help us get a handle on those problem spending areas. We have been doing very well at making sure we get all of our amounts written down. Eye opening to see something written down almost everyday. Frown Well now that we can see how extremely bad we are at eating out we can stop that!! Gambling only has one entry, and DH has been very good at being in charge of that. He also wants us to track grocery spending so we can see that against the eating out spending, so we are doing that as well. And I am trying again to make spending sheets for groceries to get the best price points for the items we buy the most. I have tried to do this before and lost interest, so hoping to stick with it this time.

Work has asked that we "do as much overtime as we can for January". So I am going to do what I can. Life has been hard lately, so it's hard to stay at work when I just want to be at home with DH, but work can also take your mind off of things, so I will try to do some serious OT. Due to the hours we are open, the very most I could do a week would be 12.5 hours. Which would be AWESOME for my paycheck. Smile

Weightloss so far for 2014 has been going great! Have not been doing well with working out cause so busy and the above mentioned OT (did 5 hrs this week), but have been doing good on eating. Down 11 lbs since 1/1/14 as of this morning!

DH and I both got a lot of cleaning done today which was nice so now we can just relax on Sunday. I cleaned off the landing and swept and vacuumed it, cleaned the shower, put away all of my laundry, cleaned up my closet, picked up the bedroom, folded towels and vacuumed the bedroom. DH did all the dishes, washed 4 loads of laundry, put away his laundry, bought a few groceries, went to the gym, cleaned off and scrubbed all the kitchen counters and made dinner! PRODUCTIVE DAY!

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