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February 2014 Savings Update

February 24th, 2014 at 03:56 am

Got behind on the monthly update, but here it is for February. We got a $800 deposit to our HSA which was a great bump, but then had $1100 in medical bills, so washed that out as soon as we got it. Overall another great month though. Excited for Marchs Savings Update next weekend now that the Deadwood/Tax Return Money is in savings too. Smile

February 2014 Savings Update

Regular Savings:
Home Maintenance ING $4675
Cushion $3210
HSA $10,800
New Patio Door (cash) $440
Escrow $2830
September 2014 $1425
Short Term Emergency Fund $210
Long Term Emergency Fund $1160
New Car $10,265 - Complete
Vacation $3125 - Complete
Anniversary Cruise $3100
Total Regular Savings = $41,240.00

Retirement Savings:
Retirement Hold Account $1590
Roth IRA $8500
Rollover IRA $815
401K $32,900
403B $24,200 (est)
Total Retirement Savings = $68,005.00

Total Savings $109,245

Up $3235 from last month!

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