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One mans trash............

April 21st, 2014 at 12:01 am

Really? This looks like garbage? Apparently to my neighbors it is...and I am not ashamed to say I took it off the curb! All VERY nice and clean toys! They were all bagged together (not with any actual garbage). Neighbors house is for sale so I guess they are cleaning stuff out, but they could have at least donated the items if they didn't want them, such nice quality and cute stuff for kiddos! I am in the works of getting everything organized/wiped down and marked for the rummage sale. I already sold one of the little riders for $10 on FB! Gonna be a great haul!
*ETA - Sold Playskool Rider (Yellow) for $10 on FB on 4/26/14.
*ETA - Sold Playskool Rider (Blue) for $10 on FB on 6/14/14.
*ETA - Sold Elmo Socks for $1.50 on FB on 6/14/14.
*ETA - Sold Diego Potty Seat for $4.00 on FB on 6/18/14.
*ETA - Sold $63.25 worth of items at 9/4/14 rummage sale, listed below.
Baby Alive Backpack $1.00
Baby Elephant .50
Baby Toys $1.50
Baby Washtub $3.00
Bag of Baby Toys $2.50
Bag of Misc Toys $1.00
Basketball Toy $7.00
Bear .50
Blowdryer Toy .25
Christmas Book $1.00
Etch-A-Sketch Toy .25
Flashcards $1.00
Lap Tray $2.00
Leapfrog Toy $6.00
Microphone Toy .50
Monkey Blanket $1.00
Playskool Train $3.00
Reindeer Toy .25
See-N-Say $2.00
See-N Say (2nd one) $2.00
Shield .50
Stuffed Purple Butterfly $1.00
Surfboard Toy .50
Tamborine .50
Thomas the Tank Engine Letter Train $7.00
Tiger Rattle .50
Tonka Track Toy $3.00
Toy Story Puzzle $1.00
Train Track $1.00
V-Tech Ladybug Toy $6.00
V-Tech Helicopter Toy $5.00
Winnie the Pooh Toy $2.00
*ETA - Sold the kids rug (underneath the toys) for $7.00 at 9/10/15 rummage sale.
*ETA - Sold Scout Stuffed Animal for $1.00 at 5/5/17 rummage sale

Already made $96.75 off their garbage! Smile

3 Responses to “One mans trash............”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good for you! That is definitely not trash, and I agree donating it would have been better. Lucky you saved it from the landfill.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    Good for you, too! I am not ashamed to say I have garbage picked things and then donated them. It makes me angry when people throw away perfectly good and usable stuff that other people would be happy to have.

  3. scottish girl Says:

    There's loads of good stuff there!

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