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August Spending Tracking Update

August 5th, 2014 at 06:07 am

It's only been 4 days, but with being out of town for 3 of those 4 I figured I better stay on top of my tracking so it doesn't get away from me.

8/1 Coke .75
8/1 A&B Pizza $4.98
8/1 Electric Bill $94.38

Out of town
8/1 Blackjack $50.00
8/2 Strawberry Pop $1.06
8/2 Gordmans $21.01
8/2 Scheel's Earplugs $3.21
8/2 Long Horn Steakhouse $49.37
8/2 Hotel Room/Fuel $100.00

8/3 - NO SPEND DAY!!
8/4 - NO SPEND DAY!!

Monthly total so far = $324.76 YIKES.

- The pop on 8/1 was because I forgot my cokes...I usually bring my cokes to work with me with my lunch, or sometimes keep a 12pk under my desk in case I forget, but neiter of those happened that day, so that was unfortunate cause the last time I bought pop I got them for .08 per can.

- The A&B Pizza on 8/1 was because someone STOLE my lunch from the fridge at work. YUP. ANGRY! On 7/31 I had a BOGO Free coupon for Pita Pit (which I never get cause it's too expensive, but since I had that awesome coupon I treated myself) so I got 2 pitas on 7/31 and ate one that day. I put the other one in the fridge at work at about 5pm, by 10am the next morning it was gone. I was sooooo looking forward to eating it too! So I do have some items in my drawer (oatmeal, Special K cereal bars, fruit cups, etc.) but after being excited to eat my Pita Pit I just wanted something delicious so opted for a taco salad instead.

- Gordmans I got $97 worth of merchandise for $21.01! It was nothing I NEEDED, but I haven't been shopping in IDK how long and we do not have a Gordmans where I live so I let loose a little. I got 5 items for $21.01 so very happy with my deals!

- Long Horn Steakhouse, BF never lets me pay for anything. This was only the 2nd meal he let me pay for in 6 weeks, and the other one was Taco Bell...lol. So this was well worth it to me. We do not have a Long Horn where I live and I had never been there. DELICIOUS! Highly recommend the parmesan crusted chicken! And my leftovers were my lunch yesterday and today so go a lot out of that meal!

- I wasn't sure what the plan was for the hotel room/fuel costs for the trip out of town. It was for BF's state softball tournament. We rode up with another player and also shared a room with them, which helped a lot with costs. BF told me later he had payed for 2/3rds of the costs for the room/fuel, so I feel obligated to pay for my 3rd of that. I haven't given him the money yet, so we will see if he will take it, but I already wrote out the check, so I am writing it down.

Should be able to have 2 more no spend days for today and tomorrow. I brought my cokes from home and leftovers for lunch. I will be going to CVS after work, but use my EBs and giftcards on that, so I don't count that towards spending.

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