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Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2012 at 06:35 pm

Well just shut the door and turned out the porch light. Ran out of candy at 391 trick or treaters! Next year I need to remember to check my blog to see how many kids we get cause every year we get more then the last and run out. NUTS!!

Coupon Box

October 31st, 2012 at 01:31 pm

A loooooong time ago I posted about how I had made a coupon box for my work. I took a notecard box and put all my coupons in there, then I cut up a cardboard cereal box and made little cardboard dividers for Baby, Food, Medicine, Misc, Personal Products and Pets. I filed the coupons by catagory and then by expiration date. I keep the box on my desk and asked others to bring in coupons they won't use, and to take any coupons they would like. I love it, I get tons of coupons, and since I use coupons a lot this was working great. But I noticed that not took many of my coworkers were using it, only maybe 2 or 3 regularily. So I tried something different, I made an Excel Spreadsheet of all of the coupons, listing them in the same catagories as above. Then I made a seperate column for the expiration date and the quantity I have of each coupon. I emailed this out to my coworkers and they loved it! I gave one coworker 19 coupons today, and another told me I saved her at least $15 when she went shopping yesterday! YEAH! So happy to share my love of coupons!

$20K Update - Another Car Repair

October 31st, 2012 at 09:35 am

Another car repair...blah! I had to have my catalic (sp) convertor replaced. My car is 10 years old and has 152K miles on it, so I guess it was time to replace that. My car could barely get up to speed in a 40mph zone. Frown So the money stinks, but I am glad my car is back to being a safe vehicle! I think I am going to start a seperate EF, one for short term, one for long term. Otherwise it seems I will never get anywhere on that EF. It is my achilles!

Current Balance $24,580.00
-$1000.00 Car Repair and Overspending
+$85.00 to Retirement Hold Account
+$100.00 To EF
+$100.00 to Sept 2013 Savings
+$250.00 Cross Country Money to Home Improvements
New Balance $24,115.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $19,770.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$1350.00
HSBC $1375.00
Total = $24,115.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

Coupon Book Update

October 29th, 2012 at 09:37 am

10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Pop $2.29
10/16/12 Pita Pit - BOGO Free Pita $6.79
10/24/12 Gloria Jeans - BOGO Free Drink $5.09
10/27/12 Bonanza - Discount on meal $3.00
10/27/12 Cold Stone Creamery - Discount on 2 $3.34
10/30/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Med Pizza $10.99
Total Saved $38.49

Finished Bathroom Cleaning and Purging!

October 28th, 2012 at 07:14 pm

Thanks to "Money Maker" for irritating me enough to get me to clean the toilet! Much appreciated! I finished cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the shower, floor, mirror and toilet. All the drawers and cabinets were already finished. So now I am done with the bedroom and the bathroom in my Cleaning/Purging/Organizing Quest! I am also happy to report I have been staying on top of the bedroom, cleaning it each weekend so I don't have to start this all over as soon as I'm done...lol. Next up is the hall closet, which is where we store our extra toiletries, towels and linens.

CVS Deals Week of 10/28/12 - Plus Free Juice!

October 28th, 2012 at 01:30 pm

The free item in this weeks grocery add was Old Orchard Juice. I was able to get my hands on 20 coupons! I gave some to my Dad and bro and kept the rest. Ended up with 13 bottles of FREE juice!

Then on to CVS which was awesome this week!

Tampax Radiant 32ct
Regular Price $8.49
-$1.00 Sale Price
-$1.00 CVS Coupon
-$3.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price $1.49! (Just .05 per tampon!)

Always/Tampax Radiant Trial Sets (Bought 3)
Regular Price $1.99
-$2.00 Always Radiant Mfr Coupon
Final Price .01 Money Maker per box!
(Marked for $1.25 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.25 at 8/23/13 rummage sale

Dawn Olay Hand Renewal (Bought 4)
Regular Price $1.99
-$1.00 Sale Price
-.75 Mfr Coupon on each
Final Price .24 each!

Revlon Nail Clipper (Bought 3, that was all they had)
Regular Price $3.19 each
*Receive $7.00 EB for every 2 you buy
Final Price .31 Money Maker for each clipper!!
(Marked for $1.50 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 2 for $1.50 each at 9/5/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.50 at 3/17/14 rummage sale
=$5.43 Profit on clippers!

Revlon 24 Compact Emory Boards (Bought 15)
Regular Price $3.59 each
*Receive $7.00 EB for every 2 you buy
Final Price .09 each! (Free CVS GC)
(Marked for $1.50 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 4 on FB for $1.00 each on 11/8/15
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.50 at 5/5/17 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.00 on FB on 7/30/18

When I was checking out I had 2 more items that totaled $9.78 pre-tax, and I used $3.75 worth of coupons on the items. I ended up deciding not to get them, so the cashier deleted them from the transaction, but never took off the coupons, so I still got $3.75 off my total for items I didn't purchase. I also used a $10 off $50 purchase coupon from CVS....so I came out WAY ahead on actual out of pocket cost today.

Tampax(1) $1.49
Always/Tampax Set(3) +.03 Money Maker
Dawn(4) .96
Revlon Nail Clipper(3) +.93 Money Maker
Revlon Emory Boards(15) $1.35
Coupons for items not purchased +$3.75
$10.00 off $50.00 Purchase Coupon +$10.00
Total = $10.91 Profit on transaction!!!!!
Plus if I sell the Tampax kits and Revlon items I will make another $30.75!!! Smile SCORE!

I definitely want to try to get more of the Revlon items. I will go in later this week and get a rain check since they didn't have many in store.

Random freebies for the week

October 28th, 2012 at 01:08 pm

Dan's Supermarket

Suave Lotion on sale for $1.99
-$2.00 Mfr coupon
Final Price - Free!!
*ETA - I had planned on keeping this lotion, but I ended up selling it on 3/17/14 to a coworker for $2.50 = $2.50 Profit!


El Moterey Frozen Burritos (Bought 14)
$1.19 each
-$1.19 Mfr coupon (Had 14 coupons)
Final Price - 14 Free Burritos!

November 2012 Mortgage

October 27th, 2012 at 09:59 am

November 2012 Mortgage Payment

Balance $119,995.00
+$274.99 Interest
+$319.07 Escrow
-$1537.95 Regular Payment
-$401.11 Principle Payment
New Balance $118,650.00

Coupon Book Update

October 24th, 2012 at 02:06 pm

Whoo hoo! I used enough coupons to make my money back on the coupon book! Still have TONS to use and most are good until 6/30/13. I also went through the book and took out the ones I was sure I wouldn't use. I gave some coupons for Platos Closet and Once Upon a Child to coworkers, and gave my bro a coupon for a free fish for his aquarium. Smile

10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Pop $2.29
10/16/12 Pita Pit - BOGO Free Pita $6.79
10/24/12 Gloria Jeans - BOGO Free Drink $5.09
Total Saved $21.16

CVS Deals Week of 10/21/12! New CVS Challenge!

October 22nd, 2012 at 07:48 pm

Lots of good deals and freebies at CVS this week! My Mom is out of town so I got to use my card, DH's card, Mom's card and her bf's card...so got to do a few deals 4 times.
I missed 2 deals cause they were sold out, they had a free pumpkin carving tool and also a good deal on Glade items, but I was too slow. Frown

I am doing another CVS Challenge to see how much I can get for a $50 CVS giftcard that I got for free from my Discover Rewards. Got a good start with all these deals.

Here is the breakdown of my loot:

Di-Gel Antacid 12oz (Bought 4)
Regular Price $8.29 each
-$3.29 Sale Price
-$2.00 Mfr Coupon
*Recieved $3.00 EB
Final Price - 4 bottles FREE!
(Marked $4.00 (?) each for rummage sale)
*ETA - These did not sell before they got close to expiration so I donated them to friends and family

St Joseph Aspirin 120 tablets (Bought 4)
Regular Price $6.49 each
-$1.49 Sale Price
-$2.25 Mfr Coupon
*Received $3.00 EB
Final Price =.25 profit per box, $1.00 profit on 4 bottles!
(Marked $3.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $3.00 at 8/23/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $3.00 at 9/5/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 2 for $3.00 each on 3/17/14 to coworker
=$10.00 Profit!!

American Greeting Cards (Bought 12)
Regular Price .99 each
*Sale - Buy 3, get $3.00 EB
Final Price = .03 profit for every 3 purchased
.12 profit on 12 cards!

Xtra Laundry Detergent 48oz bottle (Bought 6)
Regular Price $2.67 each
-$1.20 Sale Price
-$3.00 CVS Coupon off $15.00 Purchase
Final Price .97 each!!

Gain 9oz Dishsoap
Regular Price $1.67
-.68 Sale Price
-.25 Mfr Coupon
Final Price .76

Covergirl Lashblast Mascara
Regular Price $8.89
-.89 Sale Price
-$2.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price $4.00 - Free on CVS GC
Had to get this to use the coupon below for the eyeshadow.
(Marked for $4.00 for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold for $4.00 at 6/15/13 rummage sale
Profit = $4.00

Covergirl Eye-Enhancers Eyeshadow
Regular Price $3.99
-$3.25 Mfr Coupon(Buy mascara get eyeshadow free, up to $3.25)
Final Price .74! - Free on CVS GC
(Marked for $3.00 for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold for $2.50 on FB on 9/27/14
Profit = $2.50

Zantac 150mg, 24 tablets
Regular Price $10.49
-$1.50 Sale Price
-$5.00 Mfr Coupon
-$2.00 CVS Coupon machine
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price - Free!!
(Marked $6.00 for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold for $6.00 at 8/23/13 rummage sale

Tampax Radiant 32ct Tampons
Regular Price $8.49
-$1.50 Sale Price
-$3.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB
Final price $1.99!!
(Got lots of great coupons again from this box!)

I also got this giant bottle of Purrell from Macs hardware.

Purrell Hand Sanitizer 20oz bottle
Regular Price $5.49
-$4.50 Sale Price
-$1.00 Mfr Coupon
Final Price - FREE!
(Marked $3.50 for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold for $2.00 at 8/23/13 rummage sale, I had it marked for $3.50 originally but I marked it down because it was near it's expiration date.

New P&G Rebate

October 21st, 2012 at 06:23 pm

There is a new P&G Rebate available. When you purchase $50 worth of select P&G products you can mail in for a $15 rebate. The $50 purchase is BEFORE coupons, so this can be a great deal!
The participating brands include: Aussie, Clairol, CoverGirl, Crest 3D Whitestrips, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Ivory, Olay, Pantene, Puffs, Safeguard, Secret & Venus.
Here is the link for the rebate form:

I haven't purchased my items yet, but I printed out the form, filled it out, and put it in my coupon holder so it is ready to go when I do!

Starting to figure out 2013 Savings and Mortgage Goals

October 18th, 2012 at 08:16 am

It's getting towards the end of the year, so have started thinking about savings and mortgage goals for next year. We did awesome on savings goals this year, met every goal by August! As for the mortgage we did not meet our goal of getting to $110K, this was due to refinancing, so the mortgage went up with closing costs, and also we didn't have to make any payment to the mortgage for 2 months.
I haven't worked out the exact numbers for next years savings yet, but I do know I want to get the mortgage under $100K. One of my steps to help achieve that is to make a goal of putting our entire tax refund towards the house. Every year we always put the tax refund in savings (usually about $1500), but I think savings is good enough this year that we could put it towards the house. That would feel soooo good! Smile

More CVS Shopping and Menards

October 17th, 2012 at 01:21 pm

I went to Target and the TP I got at CVS was $18.99 per pack! At CVS after EB and coupons it was only $3.07 per pack! Wow what a huge savings! So I went back and got some more on DH's card. I was going to get all of the same things as I did on Sunday on my card, but they were out of the Revlon beauty tools that I wanted, and I found a better deal on the Tampax, so I did this instead.

Charmin UltraSoft TP - 16 Double Rolls(Bought 3 packs)
Regular Price $15.99 per pack
-$6.00 Sale Price each
-.25 Mfr coupon (3 = .75 off)
-$10.00 off $50 purchase (I am taking this coupon of the TP, cause I wouldn't have used the coupon without purchasing the TP)
*Received $10.00 EB for spending $30 on select P&G
Final Price for 48 double rolls (96 regular rolls) = $9.22 ($3.07 per pack) or just .19 per double roll (.10 per reg roll)

Skintimate Shave Gel
Regular Price $3.99
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price $1.99

Tampax Radiant 32ct
Regular Price $8.49
-$1.50 Sale Price each
-$2.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price $2.99 (.09 per tampon)
**If you get Tampax Radiant, make sure you get the boxed marked with "Coupons Inside". They have great coupons in theses! The smaller boxes have $2.00 off coupons, and the big boxes have $3.00 off coupons!**

Since I couldn't get the Revlon tools, I needed some filler items to get to the $50 purchase so I could use my $10 off coupon. So I got some Bowl Appetit meals that I use at work for lunch. They are really nice to keep in my desk since I don't have to keep in the fridge and all you have to do is add water. Great for a quick lunch in the winter. (These are not pictured cause they are already in my drawer at work).

Bowl Appetite Meals (Bought 8)
Regular Price $2.19
-$1.19 Sale Price
Final Price $1.00 each

Simply Asian Meals (Bought 2)
Regular Price $2.37
-$1.17 Sale Price
Final Price $1.00 each

Then after work I went to our other CVS and used my Mom's card. I used one of the $3.00 off coupons I got from the Tampax I purchased earlier.

Tampax Radiant 32ct
Regular Price $8.49
-$1.50 Sale Price
-$3.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price $1.99 (.06 per tampon)

So now I have another $3.00 coupon to use next time they are on sale. I also have 2 coupons to use on those Tampax trial packs, so I can get 2 free. I will wait and get those on Sunday in case I can use another $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase coupon.

Then I went to Menards and got a few FREE items:

All Purpose Paint Brushes (2)
*ETA - Sold 2 for $2.50 each at 8/23/13 rummage sale
Profit = $5.00

Safety Glasses (2)
*ETA - Sold 2 for $2.00 at 9/4/14 rummage sale
Profit = $4.00

Safey Box Cutters (6)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.00 at 6/15/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 4 for $1.00 each at 9/5/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.00 at 9/4/14 rummage sale
Profit = $6.00

All of these items will go in the rummage sale. Not sure what I am marking them yet though, need to research. I never have to pay anything OOP when I go to Menards, I just keep using my rebates, then get more items that have rebates, then use those rebates to get more items that have rebates....and keeps going in a loop so I never actually have to pay anything other then the first time.

Insurance Open Enrollment - Saving Money Makes Me :)

October 17th, 2012 at 08:16 am

We are in OE at my work for health insurance. I am enrolling in the same benefits as last year and my deductible and premium are both staying the same, so that is good, no increase!
DH and I both got a $25.00 per month ($600.00 per year between the 2 of us) credit for meeting metabolic testing criteria. We also each got $25.00 per month ($600.00 per year between the 2 of us) for being non-smokers. So that is $1200 per year I am saving on insurance premiums just for being healthy!
So my monthly insurance premium is $50. Smile Whoo hoo!
My employer gives a yearly contribution of $600 to our HSA. I look forward to seeing that hefty boost each year, and this year it is increasing to $800! So that is like a $200 increase in my pay! Just had to share as that news made my day! Smile

$20K Update

October 17th, 2012 at 08:07 am

Current Balance $24,330.00
+$250.00 Cross Country Money to Home Improvements
New Balance $24,580.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $20,485.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$1100.00
HSBC $1375.00
Total = $24,580.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

Coupon Book

October 17th, 2012 at 08:01 am

If I use one more coupon I should be able to already make back the money I spent on the booklet. I am also going through and taking out the coupons I know I won't use so I can see if my friends or coworkers can use them.

10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Pop $2.29
10/16/12 Pita Pit - BOGO Free Pita $6.79
Total Saved $16.07

Bathroom Cupboard - #2

October 16th, 2012 at 05:43 pm

Here is my cupboard....sooo much stuff! Awwww! And I swear I don't even buy any of this kind of stuff. I get a lot from free samples and also my Aunt is a beautician and gets a lot of free samples that she gives to me.



-One Minute Manicure (Old and not good anymore)

-Pair of glasses (Have 2, so don't need these)

-Peppermint Bath Foamy

-8 Sprays
-2 Pairs of Glasses
-21 Lotions (mostly mini lotions)
-38 Nail Polishes
-4 Razor Heads
-7 Headbands
-4 Travel/Cosmetic Bags
-Numerous Shampoo/Hair Product Samples
-Hair gel, Mousse, Leave in Conditioner, Bathbeads, Biore Cleansing Strips, etc.

Bathroom Cupboard - #1

October 15th, 2012 at 05:43 pm

Cleaned out the 2 cupboards in the bathroom.
First cupboard is medicine cabinet and DH's stuff.


-Vitamins (expired)
-Medications (expired)
-Condensed several like items (bandaids, cough drops etc) so was able to throw away several boxes/bags.

-Prilosec to a coworker (we don't use this)
-Pepto to a coworker (we don't use this)

-(2) Theraflu packs, marked for $1.00 each

-12 Tubes Toothpaste
-9 Toothbrushes
-2 Lint Rollers
-Numerous medications, bandaids, cold/flu relief products and sports injury products
-3 Shave Foam
-2 Razors
-10 Razor Refills
-2 Hair Products
-3 After Shave
-Numerous colognes

I refilled my work medications from the bottles in the cupboard. I also found 3 hand sanitizers which I took to work to use at my desk.

CVS Lotion Deal

October 15th, 2012 at 05:30 pm

Scanned my card today and got a coupon for $2.00 of CVS lotion. Bought 2 lotions:

CVS Brand 3 oz lotion
Regular Price $1.49
Sale - BOGO 50% off
Total Price $2.24
-$2.00 CVS Coupon
Final Price .24 - Just .12 per bottle!
Marked these for $1.00 each for rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.00 on 3/17/14 to a coworker = .88 Profit!
...the 2nd tube seems to have gone missing cause I am completely out of lotion....???

$20K Update

October 14th, 2012 at 04:59 pm

I took money out of savings and transferred to checking to help cover the large principle payment we made this month. Now we should go back to our normal principle payment so shouldn't have to take anymore out.

Current Balance $24,945.00
+$100.00 to EF from Payday
+$100.00 to Sept 2013 from Payday
+$100.00 to Anniversary Cruise
+$85.00 to retirement hold account
-$1000.00 to checking
New Balance $24,330.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $20,485.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$850.00
HSBC $1375.00
Total = $24,330.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

Under the bathroom sink.....

October 14th, 2012 at 04:43 pm

There is a good chance that I have not cleaned out underneath the bathroom sink since we moved in. It is not a very messy area, but needed a little sprucing up.

-Cleaning Toothbrush (already have 3)
-Brawn Cleaning Wipes (dried up)

-Charmin TP holder
-Misc feminine hygeine free samples that I won't use (put 10 in a bag and marked for .50)

-2 bottles glass cleaner
-3 bottles bathroom cleaner
-1 bottle CLR
-1 can Scrubbing Bubbles
-12 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Brushes
-11 Magic Eraser Extra Power
-264 Tampons
-31 Rolls TP
-1 Scope Mouthwash
-1 Bubble Bath
-1 Softsoap Handsoap (moved this to kitchen sink)



CVS Deals Week of 10/14/12 and Peanut Butter!

October 14th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Loving the deals I got at CVS this morning!

Charmin UltraSoft TP - 16 Double Rolls(Bought 3 packs)
Regular Price $15.99 per pack
-$6.00 Sale Price each
-.25 Mfr coupon (3 = .75 off)
-$10.00 off $50 purchase (I am taking this coupon of the TP, cause I wouldn't have used the coupon without purchasing the TP)
*Received $10.00 EB for spending $30 on select P&G
Final Price for 48 double rolls (96 regular rolls) = $9.22 or just .19 per double roll (.10 per reg roll)

Skintimate Shave Gel
Regular Price $3.99
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price $1.99

Revlon Clippers (Bought 2)
Regular Price $3.19 each
*Received $5.00 EB for purchasing 2
Final Price .69 each
(Marked for $1.50 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.50 at 6/15/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.50 at 8/23/13 rummage sale
Profit = $1.62

Tampax Pearl 18ct - found bonus packs that each had 2 free tampons, so got 4 extra tampons free (Bought 2 boxes)
Regular Price $5.49 each
-$1.74 Sale Price each
-$2.50 off 2 Mfr Coupon
*Received $1.00 EB (Limit of 1 so only got one EB)
Final Price $4.00 ($2.00 per box)

This Tampax Radiant Set was the only thing I did not plan to buy today. I saw it on an endcap while I was shopping. It was $1.99 and I had a $2.00 off Tampax Radiant Product so it was Free! I had 2 of those coupons, but decided to just get one kit for now to see what was all included, it had:
1 Wristlet Carrying Bag
3 Tampax Radiant Tampons
1 Always Radiant Panty Liner
1 Always Radiant Infinity Pad
1 .50 off Tampax Radiant Coupon
1 .50 off Always Radiant Pads or Liners

Then on to the Peanut Butter! I had 8 coupons for FREE Peanut Butter from the local grocery store! So I got all 8, but we don't use a lot of pb, so will probably give some to my Mom, Dad and bro so that it doesn't expire.

Started on the bathroom

October 13th, 2012 at 09:10 pm

Trying to keep the cleaning/purging going so started on the bathroom right away today. I cleaned out my "everyday" drawer. Tossed a few things, but mostly just organized. I also made up two baggies to sell, makeup removers for .50 and shoe cleaning wipes for .25.



Bedroom is finished!

October 13th, 2012 at 08:59 pm

I finished going though my bedroom! I went through my entire closet, every dresser and every drawer. I am soooo happy to be done!

I went through 853 items of clothing and got rid of 134!! Most went into the rummage sale, but a few I tossed. I also got rid of a few books and misc items from my bedroom. Feels great to be almost 140 items lighter!

Here is a pic of my room now!

Finished dresser #4! - No more clothes to go through!

October 13th, 2012 at 08:48 pm

Yeah finished my last dresser! Went through each drawer and got rid of a few more things.

Sports Bras-------9--------------0-------------------
Running Tops------10-------------1-------------------
Running Shorts----2--------------0-------------------

Got rid of 4 more items.

Here is the before:

And After:

CVS, Menards and Grocery Shopping for the Week

October 12th, 2012 at 08:10 pm

Did quite a little shopping this week and also got a good start on Halloween Candy.


Gillette Pro Glide Fusion
Regular Price $12.99
-$3.00 Sale Price
-$4.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $5.00 EB
Final Price .99
(Marked for $6.00 for the rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold for $6.00 at 9/5/13 rummage sale

Mars Candy Deal - Spend $10 get $3 EB
Mars Candy Bags 11.18oz (Bought 3)
Regular Price $4.40 each
-$2.07 Sale Price each
-$1.50 off 3 coupon
Mars 6pk Candy Bars (Bought 3)
Regular Price $1.27 each
-.27 each Sale Price
*Received $3.00 EB
Final Price just .92 per item!!
(Did this deal twice, once on my card and once on DHs)

Crest Complete 4.0 oz
Regular Price $3.99
-$1.00 Sale Price
-$1.00 Coupon Machine coupon
-.50 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB
Final Price -.51! Money Maker!

Suave Naturals Shampoo/Conditioner (Bought 3)
Regular Price $1.77
-$1.00 Coupon Machine Coupon (3)
Final Price .77
(Marked $1.50 each for rummage sale) (Not Pictured)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $1.50 at 8/23/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 2 for $1.50 each at 9/4/14 rummage sale
Profit = $2.19


Asics Socks (4pr) - Free after rebate

Mars Candy Bags (Bought 4 bags)
Regular Price $2.39 each
-.49 Sale Price each
-$1.50 coupon off 3
-$1.00 coupon off 1
*Rebate of $1.00 per bag
Final Price just .77 per bag!!

Grocery Shopping - Cashwise Food
(Not everything is pictured)

Banquet Pot Pies .60 each (Bought 5)
Banquet Dinners .77 each (Bought 5)
Snack Pack Pudding .77
Health Choice Soups .77 each (Bought 5)
Ro-tel Diced Tomatoes .52 each (Bought 2)
Fiora TP 12pk - $2.00!! (17 cents per roll)
Used $7.00 worth of coupons!

Lots of work to do at other rental

October 12th, 2012 at 01:48 pm

On a seperate note from the trailer fire, my parents also have a tenant of 13 years moving out from a different rental.

This is from one of their duplexes. It is actually the other half of my Dad's house, but both sides have 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, driveway and garage, so they are more like 2 houses right next to each other then a standard duplex.
Since it is a large rental we have always had families with children living there and they normally stay for many years. My Dad had not been inside this rental in about 10 years since the renters always paid on time and never had any problems with them. Well now that he was able to go in and see what needed to be done to get ready for new renters it is going to be A LOT of work. Just imagine if you didn't do anything in your home for 13 years....it is very,very dirty (They are still living there until 11/1/12 so nothing has been cleaned out yet) and pretty much everything cosmetic needs to be replaced.
Many of the rooms have wallpaper so we need to take that down.
Paint in every room.
New flooring in every room.
New sink and shower in the main bath.
Several of the doors need to be replaced.
Lots of minor things like lightswitches, trim boards, window and door screens.
New ceiling fans in a few rooms.
A few holes in the walls that need to be patched before we paint.
My Dad and Bro are also building a small deck onto the front of the house and building a new closet into one of the bedrooms.
So I will have lots of extra work to keep me busy! Will be nice to make a little extra money.

Made it to 300K hits!

October 12th, 2012 at 08:19 am

Wow 300K hits! Thanks everyone for reading and commenting! I appreciate it! Smile

Coupon Book

October 12th, 2012 at 08:18 am

I bought a coupon book from a local elementary school student. It cost $20 and has coupons for numerous local businesses, mostly restaurants. After I purchased the booklet I noticed that 3 of the pages are for places that are no longer in business. Boooo!

But I still think the booklet will be a great deal. I am going to track what I save and see how much I actually saved by purchasing the booklet.

We already used it once at a local pizza place.

Brunos Pizza
10/9/12 Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Free Pop $2.29
Total Saved $9.28

Fire at Parents Rental Property

October 11th, 2012 at 12:52 pm

My parents own several rental properties, mostly duplexes. They had one trailer (this was actually their first home that they moved out of 26 years ago) and about a week ago it burned down. The cause of the fire was under investigation and I have not heard an update on it yet, but sounds like probably was a cigarette left unattended on the deck. Everyone got out ok and no injuries, but they did lose their cat. Frown
The deck was where the fire began and the deck, living room and kitchen were affected the most. The fire did not spread to the bedrooms or bathroom, but of course everything was engulfed in smoke and soot.
My parents are obviously upset because their rentals are a big part of their retirement income. All of the rentals are paid off and the money goes into a joint account (my parents divorced amicably a few years ago). My Mom is 57 and she retired a few years ago. My Dad is 59 and will probably retire in the next 5 years or so. Not only do they lose the income from the property, but they also have to pay to have the trailer pulled out of the trailer court and disposed of, and to have the lot cleaned up so the trailer park can rent the spot to someone else. Luckily my parents are great at saving a buck (I LEARNED FROM THE BEST!) and they are doing what they can to soften the blow. They sold the shed for $50, they sold a separate room (my Dad had built on to the trailer 20+ years ago) for $100 (this also saved on the cost for pulling it out), they also sold the water heater (I think for $50?). Of course they have insurance on the building, so they will get that, but in the long run it doesnít help much. They also took out the toilet, the kitchen sink, the washer and dryer, and a few other items that they could salvage and keep to use on their other rentals as needed.
So my Mom called the renter and told them to make sure they come and take everything they can before they pull the trailer out. The girl comes by and essentially tells my Mom she canít save anything there and leaves. Yes, I feel bad about the fire, but if I had that happen to me and had nothing now, I would be on my hands and knees digging through the soot trying to save anything I could. She just doesnít want to put any effort or elbow grease into it. So once she said she didnít need want anything else in there my Mom went through and took anything worth value. She got 2 whole garbage bags of food, mostly canned goods, (the kitchen wasnít actually one fire, but it is off the living room where the fire was), and also some boxed items, cereals, pastas and taco shells, all unopened, nothing burned, just has marks where the smoke was. What is wrong with them? NOTHING! She also got a blender, an electric griddle and over 200 DVDs! The DVDs were in the living room, and the cases on all of them are a little melted, but there are nothing wrong with the DVDs, she tried them in her DVD player and they work fine, so she is going to clean them off as best she can and see if she can get $1 a piece at the rummage sale. So at least they will get some money back from this lossÖbut I just canít believe that girl left all that stuff there when she has nothing. She even left her daughterís baby pictures there after my Mom specifically pointed them out and asked her if she wanted to take them. 
My Mom gave me a bag of food as well, mostly boxed pasta and rice. I will go through that this weekend to make sure everything is ok and get it transferred into better containers.

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