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Flipping and Dipping some rummage sale finds!

September 11th, 2017 at 09:17 pm

This last weekend was the weekend we would normally have the BIG rummage sale in my old town. Since we have renters in my old house we aren't have a sale, so we actually got to go shopping this year instead of working the sale!

Lots of great finds to keep including some clothes and kitchen items for me and many to sell. I have already sold a lot of items for nice profits!

Since there were so many items I separate the pics by price (only items bought to resell are pictured).

Here are the Free items (Yes these were all in the free box!!!)


Gerber 4 pack mittens
Wilson Youth Baseball Pants
Halloween Onesie
Kids Socks (2 Bags)
Kids Cookie Cutter Set
Star Wars Washcloth

Victoria Secret Perfume (2)
*ETA - Sold as a set of 2 for $8.00 on FB on 9/10/17
Profit = $8.00

Bath & Body Travel Bottles (4)
*ETA - Sold as a set of 4 for $5.00 on FB on 9/10/17
Profit = $5.00

Bath & Body Full Sz Bottles (9)
*ETA - Sold for as 2 sets, one for $10.00 and one for $4.00 on FB on 9/10/17
Profit = $14.00

.10 Items
Board Books (5)
*ETA - Sold as a bundle of 5 books for $2.00 on FB on 9/10/17
Profit = $1.50

.25 Items

New Puzzles (4)
Open Puzzle
Little House on the Praire Books (2)
Nicholas Sparks Book
OPI Girls Swimsuits (2)
Girls Daisy Print Jean Shorts
Girls Old Navy Jean Skirt
Bath & Body Lotion
Speedo Swimsuit
Old Navy Swimsuit
Carters Dress

.50 Items

Large Ceramic Bowls (2)
Lizbeth Salander Novels (3)

Dart Board
*ETA - Sold for $4.00 on FB on 9/10/17
Profit = $3.50

Under Armour Shorts (2)
Sleepers (13)
Long Sleeve/Pant Jammie Sets (4)
Swimsuits (2)
Minnie Tutu Outfit
Top/Skirt Pink Outfit
Dress/Bloomers Outfit
Halloween Witch Womsie

.75 Items
Frozen Jammies

$1.00 Items

AZ Leggings
Swimshirt and Bottoms

3 Piece Outfits (New) (3)
*ETA - Sold as a bundle for $20.00 on FB on 9/10/17
Profit = $17.00

Arianna Grande Water Bottle and Shorts

Dresses (11)
*ETA - Sold 1 dress for $5.00 on FB on 9/17/17

2 Piece Outfit

$2.00 Items

Victoria Secret Clutch (Brand New and retails for $58!!)
Adidas Dress
Boys 3 Piece Puma Outfit
Dora Rider Toy
Black Cherry Candle Set
$3.00 Items
Blue Merona Purse (Brand New)

2 Responses to “Flipping and Dipping some rummage sale finds!”

  1. Laura S. Says:

    Those were great deals!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, what a great shopper you are!

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