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Pioneer Woman Punch Bowls!

February 9th, 2018 at 07:19 am

I found this amazing unmarked clearance deal at Walmart!!

Pioneer Woman Punch Bowls (Bought 9)
Regular Price $30.00 each
-$28.00 Clearance Price Each
Final Price + Tax = $2.13 Each!!!
(Marked $15.00 each for rummage sale)

I am not sure how the math will work on these, normally I always split with my Mom as she is my couponing partner, but my FSIL was also looking for them so I told her I would split costs, profits with her too.....I know these may be a slow seller so we will have to wait to see how the math pans out.

1 Responses to “Pioneer Woman Punch Bowls!”

  1. Trying to get ahead Says:

    You really rock when it comes to bargain hunting. I'm sure that when wedding season comes along in a few months, you would be able to sell these quickly. KLTD! (Keep living the dream)

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