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Lots of work to do at other rental

October 12th, 2012 at 08:48 pm

On a seperate note from the trailer fire, my parents also have a tenant of 13 years moving out from a different rental.

This is from one of their duplexes. It is actually the other half of my Dad's house, but both sides have 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, driveway and garage, so they are more like 2 houses right next to each other then a standard duplex.
Since it is a large rental we have always had families with children living there and they normally stay for many years. My Dad had not been inside this rental in about 10 years since the renters always paid on time and never had any problems with them. Well now that he was able to go in and see what needed to be done to get ready for new renters it is going to be A LOT of work. Just imagine if you didn't do anything in your home for 13 years....it is very,very dirty (They are still living there until 11/1/12 so nothing has been cleaned out yet) and pretty much everything cosmetic needs to be replaced.
Many of the rooms have wallpaper so we need to take that down.
Paint in every room.
New flooring in every room.
New sink and shower in the main bath.
Several of the doors need to be replaced.
Lots of minor things like lightswitches, trim boards, window and door screens.
New ceiling fans in a few rooms.
A few holes in the walls that need to be patched before we paint.
My Dad and Bro are also building a small deck onto the front of the house and building a new closet into one of the bedrooms.
So I will have lots of extra work to keep me busy! Will be nice to make a little extra money.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    That can lead to a lot of stress when you lose a tenant. We may be losing one of ours at the end of the year, as well, and although I think we will be able to find another it is still worrisome. You just want to have the insurance of someone reliable in there, you know? I wish you well with all of the work you are doing on the property...

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