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Coupon Book

October 12th, 2012 at 08:18 am

I bought a coupon book from a local elementary school student. It cost $20 and has coupons for numerous local businesses, mostly restaurants. After I purchased the booklet I noticed that 3 of the pages are for places that are no longer in business. Boooo!

But I still think the booklet will be a great deal. I am going to track what I save and see how much I actually saved by purchasing the booklet.

We already used it once at a local pizza place.

Brunos Pizza
10/9/12 Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Free Pop $2.29
Total Saved $9.28

1 Responses to “Coupon Book ”

  1. Greg Says:

    What is the name of the coupon book, and where can I get one? Thanks Smile -Greg

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