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Coupon Box

October 31st, 2012 at 08:31 pm

A loooooong time ago I posted about how I had made a coupon box for my work. I took a notecard box and put all my coupons in there, then I cut up a cardboard cereal box and made little cardboard dividers for Baby, Food, Medicine, Misc, Personal Products and Pets. I filed the coupons by catagory and then by expiration date. I keep the box on my desk and asked others to bring in coupons they won't use, and to take any coupons they would like. I love it, I get tons of coupons, and since I use coupons a lot this was working great. But I noticed that not took many of my coworkers were using it, only maybe 2 or 3 regularily. So I tried something different, I made an Excel Spreadsheet of all of the coupons, listing them in the same catagories as above. Then I made a seperate column for the expiration date and the quantity I have of each coupon. I emailed this out to my coworkers and they loved it! I gave one coworker 19 coupons today, and another told me I saved her at least $15 when she went shopping yesterday! YEAH! So happy to share my love of coupons!

1 Responses to “Coupon Box ”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    What a great and thoughtful idea! Big Grin

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