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November Savings Update

November 7th, 2009 at 03:20 am

Regular Savings:
Emergency Fund $2255
Anniversary Cruise $1800
Cushion $660
Vacation 2010 $460
HRA $380
MN Trip $300
King Mattress $750 - Complete
Big Screen TV $425 - Complete
Total Regular Savings = $7030

Retirement Savings:
Roth IRA $1340
Rollover IRA $1700
401K $7500
403B $5500
Total Retirement Savings = $16040

Total Savings = $23070

Right now we are working on our MN savings (going next month) and also the EF. We have saved and spent a LOT this year with paying for a new living room set and also for the closing costs for refinancing on our house. Now with medical it will be hard to get savings up, but keep trucking away!

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