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Super great deal on the new Apple Watch!

November 22nd, 2016 at 04:04 pm

My employer is very focused on wellness (as you saw from my last post they give us $200 a year to use for ourselves for wellness items like gym memberships or workout equipment). During our open enrollment for insurance this year we were given the option to purchase an Apple Nike Watch, they paid a large portion of it (I can't remember the exact amount) and then the remaining balance (I believe it was $130) is at 0% interest and deducted from our paycheck for only $10 a pay period! What a great deal!!! I got my watch yesterday and have been having fun trying it out and learning some of the features. I haven't used it for running yet and probably won't have a chance to do so until after Thanksgiving since we are hosting, but hopefully this weekend I can go for a run and see what this baby can do!!!

End of first round dietbets - 3 New ones started!

July 5th, 2016 at 07:50 pm

We finished our initial 3 dietbets, and we both won all 3! We made a total of $46.54 each between the 3 of them (the $100 dietbet paid surprisingly low....I suppose too many people won, so we didn't get paid much).

The old set of dietbets ended last week, and we waited till after the holiday weekend to start our new ones yesterday. I was happy I was only up a few lbs over the long weekend and should see those gone in a few days. We started 3 more dietbets and they end at the beginning of August.

I really want to beat MO, I will be starting running tomorrow to add to my current softball, paddleboarding, P90X etc. We bought a treadmill off of FB for $150, seems to have a lot of options, so I think it was a good deal! My Dr. also put me on some new medication as they have diagnosed me with PCOS, so hopefully the new medication will also help me lose some weight. My goal is to be at 7.3% lost by 8/1/16. (Currently at 3.1% lost).

Week 3 Weigh-In - Diet Bet $100 Winner!

June 24th, 2016 at 09:27 pm

Banker Gurl
Week 1 - (3.5%)
Week 2 - (2.8%)
Week 3 - (4.4%)

Banker Man
Week 1 - (3.9%)
Week 2 - (2.1%)
Week 3 - (4.6%)

We both won our first dietbets that ended today! These were $100 bets and we will find out what we won in a few days. We have 2 more dietbets that end next week!

Week 2 Checkin for Dietbets

June 15th, 2016 at 05:03 pm

I had a rough weekend with eating junk (and a lot of it) while I was out of town. I have a really hard time being good when I am away from home, even when I plan and bring healthy options I still struggle a lot....I went up 1.4lbs from last week's weigh in, but am back on track. We will be out of town again this weekend, I am going to try a new strategy and instead of trying to completely avoid the bad foods that are around, I am just going to focus on portion control instead since avoidance is not working for me.

MO bought me a standup paddle board for my BD next week and I am sooooo excited to try it out! It looks super fun and is a great workout, so as long as the weather cooperates I should at least get some exercise in this weekend!

I am also going to be running a 5K with my SIL and step-MIL in August, I am in no shape for that right now, so I need to get a running schedule together to make sure I am not embarrassed! I am trying to talk MO into participating as well, but not holding my breath on that one!

Positives for this week - I am still doing awesome at doing P90X everyday that I am in town and I don't even hate it that much! Still doing great at drinking water (other then the weekend) and no pop or alcohol at home.

I have passed MO in the % loss! Gotta keep on trucking!!

Banker Gurl
Week 1 - (3.5%)
Week 2 - (2.8%)
*Need to lose 2.4 more lbs by 6/23/16 to meet my first Dietbet

Banker Man
Week 1 - (3.9%)
Week 2 - (2.1%)
*Need to lose 5.7 more lbs by 6/23/16 to meet his first Dietbet

Week 1 Checkin for Dietbets

June 8th, 2016 at 01:00 pm

Day 7 and things are going very well! I have done P90X 6 times, as well as 45 mins on the elliptical, 20 mins of 10 min abs, 6 softball games and walking around a small town rummage saleing! That's a lot of calorie blasting in 7 days!!

I am tracking my food and water and have been very diligent at saying "No" to bad food. Yesterday after softball my team went to eat at Applebees, everyone else (including my hubby) had delicious food, cheeseburger eggrolls, bacon cheeseburger with fried egg, boneless BBQ wings, fries with ranch, etc......I order the healthiest thing I can find other then a salad which was salmon on their specialty menu, and then I get to choose two side so I picked green beans and steamed broccoli. So proud of myself! I didn't even steal one fry or wing! I also drank water, while everyone else had beer. What really stings my butt is all the yummy food is 1/2 price apps and mine was $16+....booo! Oh well, can't put a price on healthy....or skinny!

Oh and I LOVE our new workout room! It is so great to have a nice place to workout and not worry about cleaning a space to workout, or cleaning up your workout stuff when done, I can jam my Pandora while I do my workout without bothering anyone and the dog isn't in my way! LOVE IT!!

This morning I weighed in down 7.2lbs. MO is down 11.2lbs. We are both almost meeting our dietbets after only one week! I have 1.0lb left to lose and he has only .4lbs left! We just need to stay consistent and keep the losing going down, slow and steady!

3 New Dietbets!

May 31st, 2016 at 02:47 pm

After reviewing my goals for the year in the last post, the only one I have not made any progress on is losing weight. My goal for the year was to lose 40lbs, and I have instead gained 10-15lbs.....terrible. No reason really, I just have not been sticking with any kind of plan for eating right or working out, just eating terrible food and lots of it. Now we are down to about 14 weeks till our cruise...and I am out of time to start over again.

So starting tomorrow (6/1) I am all in, no more excuses or starting over, no more cheats and lack of planning ahead.

MO and I are signing up for 3 (Yes 3!) dietbets, 1 for $100, and 2 for $35 each.

We have set up one of our extra bedrooms as a workout room. We moved our elliptical, a TV, all my P90X DVDS, yoga mat, some free weights, etc. into the room. MO is going to hookup my Wii and a DVD player today so that we are ready to start tomorrow. I think this is the thing I am most excited about it to actually have an area dedicated to working out and not have to be in the middle of the living room.

I am going to do P90X every morning except Wed (I have early morning meetings on Wed) and possibly on the weekends IF we are out of town. I will also be doing a ten min ab video (my biggest problem area) on my 15 min morning break from work. If we are out of town then I will be doing some type of other workout (running or swimming at the lake, or softball are usually the only reasons we will be gone this summer).

I also play on softball teams 3 nights a week (Tues, Wed and Sunday) so that will be an additional workout, and I will also be doing the elliptical and Wii Dance Games to supplement too.

Food - I made a calendar for dinners for June (I will make July and August when they get closer). It gets a little tough with us being gone 4 nights a week between the 2 of us for softball. But the nights we are home we have a plan for healthy dinners. When we are gone if we go out to eat I will be having grilled chicken, fish or salads. Lunches I am going to make cabbage soup (which I love) and I also have salads, steamed brussel sprouts, eggs, tuna, Shakeology. Breakfast will be Shakeology, 0% plan Greek Yogurt, cottage cheese, breakfast sandwiches with whole wheat English muffins etc.

No pop or alcohol. I don't have a problem with no alcohol, the no pop is much harder for me. But I know I can do it. We have an event in 2 weeks that I will be drinking at (been planned for a long time), but that is the only time I plan to drink till the cruise. It can be hard to not drink with having 3 nights a week of softball, but I am ok with it. My BD is in about 3 weeks and I am not even going to drink at my BD meal. I have already picked out where to go, and what I want to eat, that I will only eat half and that I will be sending my leftovers home with my Mom.

Planning is key to make sure I succeed!

Rewards - MO and I are challenging each other and I am confident I am going to beat! We are on casino hiatus since we bought our new vehicle, so we are going to make some casino/fun rewards for when we can go again.

We plan on doing dietbets for June, July and August. For each month we individually make our goals, we will each get $250 per month goal made. So a possible total of $750. Then if we made all 3 months, we get a BONUS $250, but only if we make all 3 months. Then which ever of us has the biggest loss percentage on 8/31/16 wins.....and gets an extra $1000 to do some high rolling! So the stakes are very HIGH! We will probably not cash in on these rewards until October or later since we are busy and this isn't the type of money we would bring to our local casino, only on a special trip. I think this will be good incentive, but mostly I just want to feel good in my bikini on the cruise.

We should make some pretty good money if we win all of our dietbets. I want to update on here at least once a week to track my progress.

I am ready to do this!!

I quit pop

February 8th, 2016 at 08:19 pm

Yesterday was my last day with pop. I am sad! I love Coke and am definitely an addict but I just can't see those pics and vids on FB anymore that show how much sugar I am drinking everyday! I have previously quit pop many times before and would only allow myself to have it as a treat (going to movies, road trips, etc.) but then once I got that treat then I would just crave it so bad again and end up going back to my old ways of having pop everyday. So this time I am just quitting completely. No more excuses, just done with it. Hoping this will help us save a little $$$ as well as help me shed some lbs, swimsuit season is coming up fast!

Day 36 of P90X3! Also Banker Gurl goes yard!

May 18th, 2015 at 05:14 pm

Today is Day 36 of P90X3! I am super proud of myself for staying with it so well, I haven't missed a single day. Smile Even when I went out of town for the weekend (twice since I started), I have brought it with and did it from my laptop. DF even did one with me this weekend. I haven't lost as much as I had hoped, only about 8lbs so far, but I checked my measurements from Day 1 to Day 30 and I did lose 1.5 inches off of my stomach! That is my problem area so I was very happy to see that!

I have 2 trips in June, one to Vegas, and the other one is my Surprise trip where I don't know where we are going to....I will be bringing my laptop, DVDs and resistance bands so that I can keep going and make the full 90 days!

I am also planning on starting the Shakeology plan in the next few weeks, which should really help accelerate the weightloss since I am still not doing as well as I could with my food.

On a separate note....last week Tuesday was my first night for one of my three softball teams....and I hit an OVER the FENCE GRANDSLAM! I can usually hit about 5-6 in the park home runs per season, but I have never hit one over the fence!! So exciting and what a great way to start the season!

Update on P90X3!

April 25th, 2015 at 12:23 am

Today was Day 12 of P90X3! I had super happy with how it is going so far! I am down about 6.5lbs and even though it is TOUGH I really do enjoy it!

I have a good schedule set up now that I have moved to live with fiancé and work from home. I get up at 5am, go into my office/workout room and turn on my computer and DVD player. While they are booting up I go change into workout clothes, brush my teeth, fill my water, etc. Then I go log into my computer and while my programs are opening I do my 30-40 mins of P90X3. When I am done I shower and am ready to get to work by 6am. My schedule starts at 8am, so I get 2hrs of OT in every morning. I work for my 8hrs, and while working I try to do arm exercises, squats, lunges, etc. I often times have meetings via phone, or long hold times, and these are great opportunities to get in a few reps! My shift ends at 4:30 and I frequently work more OT (since I no longer have any commute time!) and then have the rest of the evening to do housework, be with DF, and relax. I try to be in bed by 10pm at the LATEST. One of the many things they stress on the P90X3 is to focus on getting enough rest. I am loving working from home, living with DF, and I also am really enjoying the P90X3, it keeps things fresh!

Food is still a struggle. I shouldn't blame anyone else....but honestly.....DF SUX at this! He says he will try to help me, support me, etc......then he brings home a pizza?! HUH?! He loves to eat and so do I and I have a hard enough time with willpower as is, but if it's not here, I CANT eat it....Bringing at here is already a fail for me....Blah...LOL. I am for sure vocal about how I feel about the bad food he brings home so hoping he is finally getting it.

I have not bought any pop for the house since I have been living here...about 2 weeks. I still have an occasional pop if we go out to eat. But I know that needs to stop too. I primarily drink water with Crystal Lite, I found a peach tea one that is AMAZING!

Today I went to the grocery store and made some BIG changes. I bought Silk brand milk. I got a cashew one and a almond/coconut blend, both are unsweetened. I love milk, I drink it a lot and I was extremely skeptical of these "weird" milks. But I tried both of them when I got home and I thought both tasted good! They were on sale for $3.50 which I guess is pretty good deal on this kind of milk. I also bought Miracle Whip Light (previously had been having mayo which I LOVE), also cottage cheese, wheat low carb tortillas (no more white bread sandwiches), a head of lettuce, bag of spinach, and low cal vinaigrette dressing. DF had already bought us a lot of healthy stuff (grilled chicken breasts, veggies, yogurt, etc.). I am excited about these changes I am trying especially with the milk, mayo, and bread changes.

For dinner I made a BOMB salad. Iceberg lettuce, spinach, fresh mushrooms, red sweet peppers, yellow sweet peppers, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and jalapeno ranch. YUMMMMMMMY! The jalapeno ranch is less then half a jar left so I will finish that out and then switch to the vinaigrette which has a much lower fat content.


March 23rd, 2015 at 08:26 pm

I ordered P90X3 yesterday! Should be here in just a few days. Because I am going to be out of town and staying in a hotel room with other people for the weekend, I am going to wait till we get back to start it. I am SUPER excited about it! A big problem I have with excercising is I will just do what I want I should be working out all body parts, and mixing cardio and strength training etc....but I HATE strength training...2 reason...#1 I find it VERY BORING....#2 I don't know what I should be doing and feel lost and when I go to the gym I just do cardio and go home. I am excited to have a routine that will tell me what to do everyday. If I start the first week of April, I should be able to do the entire program about 1 + 1/3 times before the wedding. We don't have a date yet, but planning for Aug/Sept as we want an outdoor wedding.

Tonight I am going to get all of the junk food out of my house. I am not a huge junk food person, but I do have some emergency chocolate that I eat way more then needed and just some other junky stuff like pizza rolls etc. I am just going to give it all to my Dad and bros. My Mom is super on board with helping me lose weight as well so that will be a great help. Smile

Use it or Lose it - Gym Challenge

December 22nd, 2014 at 05:29 pm

I have decided to do a "Use It or Lose It" Challenge for myself and my gym membership.

I have had a membership at the same gym for somewhere around 6 years. I like my gym a lot, it is very clean, has lots of equipment, TVs on all cardio equipment, showers, tanning, etc. It is also open 24hrs/7 days a week which is a plus. My membership is $25 per month.

To say my attendence at the gym is "spotty" would be generous. I do like working out, it is also one of my only options to watch TV since I cancelled cable in June. But I don't make working out a priority (i.e. I am lazy) and with work, OT, taking care of the house on my own, and having a BF that lives an hr away, I often don't feel that I have time for the gym.

So time for a Use it or Lose it Challenge with the gym. My challenge is going to be to use the gym a minimum of 2 times per week (I know this doesn't seem like much, but I am usually out of town 4 days a week, so that only gives me 3 days to get there, I can still work out at BFs house in addition to my 2+ gym days). I am going to do this for 6 months, and am only giving myself 1 buy week, where if I don't make it twice for 1 week, I get a pass. But only 1 week for the 6 months (If I am sick or out of town on vaca or something I may make an exception, but needs to be valid). If I go twice a week every week for 6 months I will keep my gym membership. If I don't....then it's time to cancel that baby...if I can't even make it 8 days a months then it is def a waste of money.

I started my challenge last week and I went right away on Monday and Tuesday, so off to a good start! This week will be trickier with Christmas Eve and day full of family time, but I think I can go Tuesday after work and the Christmas morning before we go to do festivities.

Week 1 (12/14/14)
Day 1 - 1 hr elliptical, 100 crunches
Day 2 - 30 min treadmill (15 run/15 walk)

I lost 7.8lbs and won $52.08!!

November 7th, 2014 at 10:40 pm

I won my diet bet! YEAH! BF and I were both doing diet bets through I lost 7.8lbs and he lost 12.6 and we each won $52.08! SWEET!

I will probably just leave my money on the site for now as I want to do another diet bet since this worked well for me. The next one starts in 4 days, so I have a few days to chill out, but don't want to gain back, so trying to still be good. Smile

Diet Bet

October 10th, 2014 at 12:56 am

BF and I have decided to try a diet bet. We are using and signed up for a Jillian Michael's DB. You "bet" $30 and have 28 days to lose 4% of your bodyweight. I think this will be a fun motivation for me and BF!

6 Week Weight Loss Challenge and FREE trip to Laughlin!!

August 18th, 2014 at 06:09 pm

BF is taking me to Laughlin! YEAH! I have never been there before and this is the first trip outside of the state for us together so I am very excited!

Best part is it's FREE! He got comped from a previous trip he took there and he got 2 free flights there and back, free room for 5 nights, free appetizer at one of the restaurants, and 2 free tickets to Larry the Cable Guy (random, LOL)! Our hotel has 2 pools and a private beach, FUN!

So the only thing to pay for is eating (we will do some nice dinners, but there is also a McDonalds and other cheap food options), drinks (free while you are gambling), gambling ($$$) and shopping (not planning on doing much of this, but maybe?!). We are flying out from a city 2 1/2 hrs away, so we will have gas there and back (which I have said I will pay for) as well.

BF and I would both like to lose some weight before the trip, so we decided to have a little bet. Whoever looses the highest percentage of weight is the winner...the loser pays for all of the meals while we are in Nevada. The contest starts today and ends 9/30/14. So I have 6 weeks! My goal is to loose 15 lbs which I think is reasonable if I work hard and stay focused.

My plan of action:
-Cardio outside or in the gym 4 days a week
-30 days Ab Challenge
-No sweets except for 4 brownies when I work the rummage sale (it's 4 days and unrealistic for me to sell brownies without sampling the products... Wink )
-No pop at home (except during rummage sale) and no pop when eating out. Try to get down to 1 can per day at work (currently at 2 per day).
-Only drinking for special occasions (weddings, parties, etc.), not when out for dinner/softball etc.
-Be vigilant on portion size
-Make good decisions when eating out
-Water, water, water!!!

I would really love to win....not just for the free meals on the trip, but just to feel a little better about myself. BF is ALWAYS very complimentary, but losing a little weight is always a great confidence booster so I am looking forward to it! Smile