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January 2013 Savings Update

December 31st, 2012 at 08:00 pm

January 2013 Savings Update - End of 2012 Savings Update

Regular Savings:
Bingo Money $1000
Home Maintanence ING $5005
Cushion $2560
HSA $6895
New Patio Door(cash) $600
September 2012 $740
Short Term Emergency Fund $1005
Long Term Emergency Fund $225
New Car $9660 - Complete
Vacation - $3020 - Complete
Anniversary Cruise $1575 - Complete
Total Regular Savings = $32,285.00

Retirement Savings:
Retirement Hold Account $615
Roth IRA $6360
Rollover IRA $890
401K $23,100
403B $18,000 (est)
Total Retirement Savings = $48,965.00

Total Savings - $81,250.00

Up $1,410.00 from last month and hit $80K! YEAH! Smile

This same post last year we were at $57,890. So in one year we went up $23,360.00! And that is with a week long trip to Vegas, a 7 day Carribean Cruise, a weekend getaway to Wendover, a $3000 knee injury, refinancing the mortgage and paying extra principle payments every month! Wow, it's amazing what you can do penny by penny!

$20K Challenge - Sold a giftcard

December 30th, 2012 at 04:01 am

I had a $20 giftcard from Lowes that I got in December 2010. Lowes gave it to us when they messed up on our delivery of our washer and dryer. We normally don't shop there, so haven't used it after 2 years. A friend needed a Lowes giftcard for a Christmas present for a gift exchange, so I sold them mine, and added that $20 to the Long Term EF.
I also moved money from the at home Bingo money to the ING New Car Account.

Current Balance $23,435.00
-$620.00 from Bingo Money
+$620.00 to ING New Car
+$20.00 Sold GC to LT EF
New Balance $23,455.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1000.00
ING $20,280.00 ($4620.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$600.00
HSBC $1575.00
Total = $23,455.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

Time to get down to business

December 28th, 2012 at 10:30 pm

I was just looking back at the balance for the $20K Challenge and I see we have been going up and down in the $23K - $24K range for a few months already. I wanna get out of this area and move ahead with savings. I think by the time school gets out in May we should be able to be at $27K.

$20K Update - DH Payday

December 28th, 2012 at 05:43 pm

Current Balance $23,000.00
-$28.00 to Roth IRA
+$3.00 Even Out Amount
+$10.00 to Long Term EF
+$100.00 to Long Term EF
+$100.00 to Sept 2013
+$250.00 to Home Improvements
New Balance $23,435.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $19,640.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$600.00
HSBC $1575.00
Total = $23,435.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

Gift Card Inventory

December 27th, 2012 at 03:29 pm

I got some giftcards from work and have been rounding up the other ones we have...

$15 CVS - Remaining balance from Discover Rewards
$100 CVS - In my Christmas Stocking from DH!
$25 Ruby Tuesday - Won drawing at work
$20 Ruby Tuesday - Present from work
$50 Applebees - Purchased
$10 Applebees - Free for purchasing $50 GC
$50 TGIFridays - Gift from MIL for Christmas
$20 Lowes - Given to us when they messed up a delivery
$35 Target - Earned on a razor deal
$50 Walmart - This was from at least a year ago that I had won/earned at work. I really need to pick something fun for myself to use this on.

None of them have expiration dates or fees, but I just like to see where we are at to make sure we use them.

"Sweet" Deal at CVS!

December 27th, 2012 at 03:06 pm

I went to CVS and stumbled on this great candy deal! They had the 11.18oz bag (the regular size bags for Halloween) of Fun Size Snickers and Fun Size Peanut Butter Snickers on sale for $1.00! I was just going to get about 10 bags for myself, but I called my Mom to let her in on the deal and she was with my Dad and bro and they both requested 10 bags a piece. So I picked up 30 bags for me, 10 for Dad, and 10 for bro.
I also used a $10 off a $50 purchase coupon making them even cheaper! So after my dad and bro pay me back for their candy, I got 30 bags for $20, which is .66 per bag!

Snickers - Bought 30 Bags
Regular Price $4.39 per bag
-$3.39 Sale Price per bag
-$10.00 CVS Coupon
Final Price $20, just .66 per bag!!
Plus I used a free

I saved over $190!! So I will leave one bag out for DH to munch on and throw the rest in the freezer for Halloween Candy for next year!! Sweet!! Smile

January 2013 Mortgage Payment

December 25th, 2012 at 11:01 pm

January 2013 Mortgage Payment

Balance $117,150.00
+$268.47 Interest
+$319.07 Escrow
-$1537.95 Regular Payment
-$499.59 Principle Payment
New Balance $115,700.00

$25 of the principle payment was from the change jar.

I always use this great spreadsheet from to figure out my payments and see our progress. Back in October I wrote down our balance and the month and then made a little chart showing what we would need to pay down each month in order to get under $100K by the end of 2013. So far I have checked off the last 4 payments (Oct-Jan) and we are $300 ahead of where we need to be to meet the yearly goal! WHOOHOO! Excited to continue this progress!

Getting started on my 2013 goals

December 24th, 2012 at 06:04 pm

Well I started moving funds around and reorganizing my ING accounts so they are ready for the 2013 goals. I also updated my side bar to show the 2013 goals and the order of importance.

The Short Term EF is already met with $1000. So the next goal for the year will be the Long Term EF, goal is $1000, and right now I have $90 in it.

Also making plans of attack for the Home Owner and Weight Loss goals on my list.

Home Owner Goal - I am still discussing with DH, but he is on the same page as me that we need to make a plan and a list of what projects we want to get done this year, and focus on those instead of the big overwhelming picture.

Weight Loss Goal - DH and I both have gym memberships, but we tend to slack at that when we are busy (I had 13 hr of OT last week!!) but we need to put aside the excuses. Another friend of ours is joining the same gym we go to at the first of the year and he and DH used to run track in college together. They have decided to go to the gym together everynight during the week to lift together. So my goal is going to be to go with and do my own workout at least 3 days week. I would like to go with everyday, but I want to keep my goals realistic and I don't see everyday happening right now.
I am also going to do weekly weighins every Sunday morning with DH and making a monthly weight loss goal of 5lbs per month.
I will also send out an email at work and see if anyone would like to do the Biggest Loser again for New Years.

I think these plans will help me and DH have a fabulous and fruitfull 2013!

$20K Update, back to $23K

December 24th, 2012 at 05:35 pm

Current Balance $22,910.00
+$85.00 ING ROTH IRA
+$5.00 to EF
New Balance $23,000.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $19,455.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$350.00
HSBC $1575.00
Total = $23,000.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

Coupon Book Update

December 19th, 2012 at 09:04 pm

10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Calzone $6.99
10/9/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Pop $2.29
10/16/12 Pita Pit - BOGO Free Pita $6.79
10/24/12 Gloria Jeans - BOGO Free Drink $5.09
10/27/12 Bonanza - Discount on meal $3.00
10/27/12 Cold Stone Creamery - Discount on 2 $3.34
10/30/12 Brunos Pizza - Free Med Pizza $10.99
11/2/12 Bonanza - Discount on meal $3.00
11/2/12 Bowling - BOGO Free Game of Bowling $4.50
11/19/12 Space Aliens - Free cup of soup $2.99
11/28/12 Brunos Pizza - Free dessert $3.99
12/19/12 Simonsons - .05 off per gallon .55
12/19/12 Simonsons - Free Fountain Pop $1.49
Total Saved $54.96

2013 Goals

December 19th, 2012 at 05:15 pm

2013 Goals

-Continue to live debt free other then mortgage
-Get mortgage from $117,150 to under $100,000

-Short Term EF $1000
-Long Term EF $1000
-Sept 2013 $1800
-Home Maintenance $7000
-Vegas $3000
-New Car $10,000
-Anniversary Cruise $3000
-Cushion $3080
-HSA $10,000
-Any additional after goals are met will go to long term EF
-Total regular savings at the end of the year over $25K

-Increase retirement savings to ROTH from $85 per paycheck to $100 per paycheck
-Review ING ROTH IRA Investments and reallocate so a larger portion is being invested

-Lose 30 more lbs (Currently down 8)
-Work on being a better home owner (repairs, lawncare, gardening etc)
-Do quarterly review of progress on 2013 goals
-Live a positive life

The first 2 “other” goals are the same as last year. At one time this year I was down 26lbs (mostly due to stress) and I gained it all back.  I realize that last year I put those goals down, but didn’t set any steps to help me achieve them. So before the New Year I should have a list of steps to help me with the weight loss and the home owner goals.

$20K Update

December 18th, 2012 at 05:59 pm

Feeling very 1 step forward, 2 steps back right now.......

Current Balance $23,355.00
+$100.00 Anniversary Crusie
+$250.00 Home Improvements
-$795.00 Deadwood Trip
New Balance $22,910.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $19,365.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$350.00
HSBC $1575.00
Total = $22,910.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

CVS Deals Week of 12/18/12

December 18th, 2012 at 01:57 pm

Gillette Custom Plus 3 (Bought 8)
Regular Price $7.99
-$11.99 BOGO Free Mfr Coupon (3)
-$7.99 BOGO Free Mfr Coupons (1)
*Received $10 EB for spending $30 on Gillette (2)
So that comes out to -.04!!
Made one penny a piece by buying these, and should make a nice little profit of $40 when I sell them. Smile
(Free from CVS giftcard!)
(Marked $5.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 5 for $5.00 each at 9/5/13 rummage sale
*ETA - Sold 2 for $5.00 each at 9/4/14 rummage sale
1 left to sell

Depend Real Fit Mens 3pk (Bought 2)
Regular Price $4.49 each
-.50 Sale Price
-$1.00 Mfr Coupon
-$1.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $2.00 EB each
Final Price .99 each
(Free from CVS Giftcard!)
(Marked for $3.00 each for rummage sale)
*ETA - Sold 1 for $3.00 at 9/4/14 rummage sale
1 left to sell

Bio Tru Contact Solution Twin Pack
Regular Price $18.29
-$4.30 Sale Price
-$3.00 Mfr Coupon
*Received $4.00 EB
Final Price $6.99 - Just $3.49 per bottle!!

I also got a bunch of little snacks ($1.00 Gatorades, .50 Just the Basics Cookies on clearance, $1.00 Chow Mein Meals) cause I had some EBs to use up, and was able to use a $10 off a $50 purchase came out with some really great deals, and my food drawer at work is restocked for winter with lunches and snacks for only a few dollars. Smile

$20K Update

December 12th, 2012 at 02:23 am

Got a rebate for $24, so chucked another $25 into the EF.

Current Balance $23,330.00
+$25.00 Caulk Rebate
New Balance $23,355.00

Bingo Money (cash) $1620.00
ING $20,160.00 ($4000.00 Bingo Money)
Home Improvements(cash)$100.00
HSBC $1475.00
Total = $23,355.00

Bingo Money
Tips total - $2006.61
Wage total - $3617.32
Total Bingo Money - $5623.93

2012 Goals - How did we do?

December 11th, 2012 at 05:34 pm

Here were my goals from 2012:

-Continue to live debt free other then mortgage- CHECK
-Get mortgage from $123,300 to under $110,000 - Did not meet due to the refi costs and not having to make a payment for 2 months. End of year balance is $117,150.00.

Savings - All savings goals were met (some have been spent since then)
-Vegas $2500
-New car $5000
-EF $3000
-Cruise $5000
-Cushion $2300
-HSA $7500
-Patio Door $1500
-Sept 2012 $1800

-Lose 30 more lbs (Currently down 12) - At one time I was done about 26lbs (!!) but currently am only down 10 Frown
-Work on being a better home owner (repairs, lawncare, gardening etc) - FAIL

End of year this and thats

December 11th, 2012 at 01:19 pm

Time to get in all of those things that need to be turned in by the end of the year!

My work gives $200 for "fitness" expenses (gym fees, workout equipment, DVDs, a whole lot of options). I filled out the form and submitted our last 4 months of gym charges ($25 per month per person for 2 people). So September, October, November and December were free gym months for me and DH! Smile

Also been on the hubby to get me his workout and healthy eating points, we also get money put in our HSA for doing this, up to $600 per member, or $1200 per family just for entering your healthy choices! I have already earned all of my incentives for the year, but still need the last few months of tracking from DH.

Down to just 2 presents left to buy for Christmas! YEAH!

Texturing of basement is done....on to primering

December 10th, 2012 at 12:58 pm

11/25/12 2hrs 10 min Mudding Basement
11/29/12 2hrs Mudding Basement
12/02/12 2hrs 30 min Sanding and Caulking Basement
12/09/12 3hrs 50 min Primering Basement
Total 10hrs 30 min

The texture guy came Saturday, so we were able to start primering (sp) yesterday. Made it to 10 hrs now. I really wish I could help my parents more, but with the amount of OT I am putting in at work, I really don't want to push it as I am already pretty worn out. I am at least trying to go there every Sunday and get a few hrs in.