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Spring break travel - MEXICO!

December 7th, 2009 at 05:14 pm

We are going on a trip to Mexico in March....I am very excited!! My Mom is actually flying myself, my 2 brothers and our spouses/significant others there and paying for our hotel and most of our food as well. This is not normal "Mom" behavior at all.......but my Grandpa passed away this last year.....and a very large portion of his estate went bu-bye between inheritance tax, lawyer fees....blah blah blah.....my parents are well off and now my Mom is thinking she would rather enjoy her money with her kids before she is gone and it goes to the government. So all we need to come up with is some food/drinking money and souvenir/shopping money and any other entertainment we might do tours or something. I am thinking $800ish for 2 people should be more then enough for a week of drinking margaritas on the beach! There is also a casino there so we may do that too. So we have till March to start a new account and save it up. We are at $50 and Friday it should go up a lot as it is bonus time at work.

1 Responses to “Spring break travel - MEXICO!”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    Your mom's thinking leads to something important, IMHO. Saving money is great, but it can only do so much sitting in an account by itself! If there are things that you have wanted to do with loved ones, places that you have wanted to see with your family, is there a better way to spend money (as long as you actually have it)? I think this is a great way to enjoy her time with the family, and have insurance of building some wonderful memories at the same time. Enjoy Mexico and don't get sunburned on the beach!

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