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Biggest Loser Week 9, 10, 11

February 5th, 2010 at 01:58 am

Wow I have been really slacking on posting my BL updates......Week 9 and 10 I think I stayed the same.......Here is the current update for week 11.

Week Eleven
Pounds Lost this week = 3
Total pounds lost = 3
% weight loss = 1.67%
Place = 2nd out of 6 people

This is the weigh in from 2 days ago at work. As of today at home weigh in I was down 6lbs (but I weigh in at home sans clothes.....don't think work would appreciate that too much!). I am pumped to be down 6 and feel like I really have some momentum going. The one person at my work who is currently beating my is super hardcore right now and they have been doing REALLY good with their food. So I have been working hard and hitting the gym A LOT! Also I have cut my pop intake drastically, that has always been a major downfall of mine, so I am proud of that too.

4 Responses to “Biggest Loser Week 9, 10, 11”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    if you replace your soda intake with the same amount with water it will do wonders for you Smile

  2. Jerry Says:

    I agree with whitestripe. Soda is one of the biggest reasons that people struggle with weight loss. Getting rid of that habit will offer you insurance that you can win this thing! And if you miss the fizz of pop, try some 100% fruit juice mixed with soda water. It's delicious, leads to less caloric intake, and is far better for you. Good luck!

  3. Banker Gurl Says:

    Thanks! I have cut my pop down from a bottle or more a day to less then a can, and I have been trying to switch to caffeine free so I can ween(sp)myself off of the caffeine. I still get caffeine headaches, so am working on that, but I think it is going pretty good. The one plus so far is that I have stopped buying at work ($1.35 a bottle) and been bringing a can from home, so cutting down a lot on the cost and slowly bring down the intake. Thanks for the advice/support!

  4. GusitaRenkr Says:

    Ugh, I am addicted to Diet Mountain Dew. I could drink a 2 liter a day if I would let myself. I am down to three eight ounce glasses a day and it has been horrible. The headaches and the irritability are bad right now, but I am trying to hang in there. Congrats on the six pound weight loss!

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