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Steals and Deals

March 3rd, 2010 at 05:00 pm

Ran some quick errands today and got some amazing deals.
First I got bags of frozen chicken breast for 50% off, limit 2. Also Progresso soups $1 per can s got 10 of those. I see that sale frequently, but it really is a good deal for very yummy and healthy soup.
I had another free coupon for VS undies. This is the 2nd free pair i have gotten in a month and I NEVER shop there?! But free undies I will take, so picked those up for free, reg price $8.50.
Lastly DH got a coupon for $5 towards a $5 or more purchase from Famous Footwear. We have gotten these in the past also and try to find cheap shoes or socks that we can get for free since we have no need to spend any money with these coupons. Well we found some $5 shoes in the womens, but nothing that I would have wanted and could not find any sock packs for around $5-$6 so we ended up buying some boys sport cleets. They were regular $45, on clearance for $5, so we did not have to pay anything! We do not have any kids, but we can sell the cleet in our rummage sale. Brand new $45 cleets still in the box I am sure we can get at least $5 - $10. Feel like we did really good with the free shoes and free undies!

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