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Bathroom Remodel Shopping

April 21st, 2010 at 12:53 am

Well I think we are finally done with all of the purchasing for our bathroom remodel. Had to buy a ton of "little" items to get this done!
So I went to Menards with my Dad (he is super cheap too, yeah!) and he helped me get everything I need.
Toilet Cap $1.49
Wood Putty $2.98
Black Shower Curtain $3.49
Putty Knife $3.98
Trowels (3) $5.34
Shower Hooks $5.96
Shower Rod $7.98
Glue for glassboard $9.97
Orange Peel $12.74
Toilet Seat $12.99
Linoleum Glue $13.75
Floor Fill $14.87
Sheet Rock (2 pieces) $16.58
Glass Board $24.97
Shower Head and Fixture $109.00
Total at Menards with tax is $259.08
+Shower $200(got last year)
+Linoleum $45
+Bathroom Decor Free (gift)
= $504.08
So I am already over my bathroom budget of $500. Frown Good news about the above purchases was I applied for a Menards card, I was approved for $7500 by myself! WOW, who needs that much credit at Menards?? Anyways.....for applying I got a $2 coupon in the mail, and also a $10 giftcard to Menards, so that was cool that I did get $12 back on my purchases. (Aleady logged on to Menards website and paid the balance off). Also the new shower head/fixture set were on sale $30 off, and I had a toilet seat in my cart that was $25, then found one for $12.99, so did get some sales/saving there. I still need to pay for meals for my Dad and bro while they do the work and will need to go buy bathroom rugs. Hopefully that is all that is left to buy! We started work by getting the old shower torn out and are working on scraping up the old limoleum and glue now. Saturday is the big day to start the real work, I am so excited!

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