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Some Good Deals Shopping Today

April 27th, 2010 at 12:07 am

I had some coupons I snagged from the coupon box at work and think we did pretty darn good!

$1.00 off Herbal Essences
-Bought the economy size bottle that is cheaper per ounce, plus used the coupon to save even more
Buy a 36-60ct Tampax, get a 18-20ct box FREE
-Bought the 54ct economy size box and got $3.99 20ct box FREE

DH has been needing new jeans for some time, he alwasy rips the butt pockets out from keeping his wallet in that pocket! I also have been trying to keep a pair of flipflops I have had since highschool....they are my FAVORITE....cause they are so comfy, but the heel of it is literally worn down to the ground so I have been looking for some that look comfy for a long time.
2 pr jeans
-Reg $30 each, on sale for "2 for $38", plus a $10 off coupon....Total came out to $13.16 a piece so really even better then if they were BOGO free
4 pr flipflops
-Reg $12 per set of 2 pr flip flops. On sale for $5.99 per 2 pr set, plus a $10 off coupon...came out to $1.97 total for 4 prs flipflops! .48 per pair!

Really happy with the shopping today! How can you beat .48 cents a pair for cute flipflops!
Total cash savings today = $60.81
and we only spent $43.80!

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