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Emotional Spending 101

April 29th, 2010 at 01:11 am

Current Total = $9,655.00
-$28.00 To ROTH IRA
-$300.00 Casino (Emotional Spending)
-$1900.00 Checking
+$3.00 Even Out Amount
New Total = $7,430.00

UGH! Got some very upsetting news on the medical front yesterday. And to drown my sorrows DH and I went to the casino.....DUMB! Lost $300. Frown So irritated at us. Besides that I have been consistently transferring money from savings to checking when it was needed, and then as soon as I got paid I would transfer it right back to savings......well this was going ok for awhile as I was always putting the money back into savings. But each paycheck the amount going back and forth kept getting bigger and bigger. And now it is almost $2K (which is about what our paychecks are combined) so that is not working and was never a good plan to begin with. I always transfer little amounts here and there to savings to even out accounts, or to get to milestones, and pay as much as we can to the mortgage, and if we go to the bar or the casino or whatever I always take it out of checking and I never compensate that amount from savings. So I keep digging this hole in the checking account. Err.....really the resolution to this is simple = BUDGET. I am just bad with coming to terms with "No you can not put $20 more in savings, you do not have $20 more in checking" or "I am putting $400 extra to the mortgage, but if I pay $500 that will get us to the next $1000 mark" so I just do it and don't think about "where" exactly the money is going to come from, until my checking is a blackhole! We are not overdrawn because our major bills (Discover that we put all of our expenses on and pay in full each month, and our mortgage) coinside with paydays, so at the bank it does not look bad....only in my checkbook register. I always think about how the next paycheck will cover this, and then the next one and the next one.....but it caught up to me now, so I had to transfer the $1900 to checking just to get caught up.....still not much breathing room though.

3 Responses to “Emotional Spending 101”

  1. GusitaRenkr Says:

    Oh no, I hope everything is okay on the medical front. I know if anyone can get spending under control, it's you! I tend to be an emotional eater when I get bad news.

  2. Jerry Says:

    I hope that things even out health-wise, and that it leads you to feel a little more in control of spending and the like. I know that feeling out of control can lead to these kinds of behaviors, that's for sure! Do you have insurance to assist with this challenge? Good luck with everything...

  3. Banker Gurl Says:

    We do have health insurance, but unfortunatley it does not cover the types of services that would be needed.

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