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Biggest Loser Week 6

May 5th, 2010 at 06:43 pm

Week Six
Pounds Lost this week = 0
Total pounds lost = 2
% weight loss = 1.17%
Place = 6th out of 8 people
Total down since original BL = 4

No change for me this week. But some others have gone up so I am in 6th place instead of 7th. I am VERY excited to report that I finally started back at the gym this morning. My goal was just to run for 5 min as I have not been to the gym in close to 3 months and was sure I had lost all stamina, so I wanted to start out slow so that I would not get discouraged right away. Well I ran the 5 min and was still feeling fine, so I kept going, 10, 15 and ended at 20 min! YEAH! 20 min run on my first day back, really couldn't be happier with how that went! I have set up a new workout plan to make sure I reach my first goal and keep going to be in amazing shape by the time I have to be a MOH in May 2011. I added some goals below. Of course this session of BL will be over by then.....but the ladies at my work are always up for another round!
1)Down 2 more by 5-27-10 (Deadwood Trip)
2)Down 25 more by 11-20-10 (Guest at a wedding)
3)Down 20 more by 5-14-11 (MOH at wedding)

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