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Biggest Loser Week 7

May 13th, 2010 at 06:05 pm

Week Seven
Pounds Lost this week = -2
Total pounds lost = 0
% weight loss = 0%
Place = 6th out of 8 people
Total down since original BL = 2

Sigh. Up 2lbs from last week. I have been doing so good too! I finally got back to the gym last week and had great 20-30 min runs on the treadmill 6 days in a row. I took one day off and then had our first softball game last night. I did super good, 1 walk, 3 base hits, 1 double and 1 triple.....so I was R U N N I N G my butt off. Apparently not doing enough. Blah. 2 more weeks to try to make some headway, but I think winning is out of the question now. Frown

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