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Payday - $20K Challenge

May 14th, 2010 at 01:11 am

Current Total = $7,660.00
+1.03 King Mattress CD Interest
+3.97 Even out Amount
+$50.00 to EF (DH payday)
+$50.00 to vacation (DH payday)
+$50.00 to EF (My payday)
+$50.00 to vacation (DH payday)
+$100.00 to ROTH hold account
+$100.00 Anniversary Vacation Fund
New Total = $8,065.00

Into a new thousand bracket so that is exciting. We are going on vaca in 2 weeks, but only for Memorial Weekend so only 3 days should not be too much. Keep moving forward is all I ever hope for. DH is a teacher and receives his paycheck 9 months of the year. He does work in the summer, but it is about $600 less per month then during the school year. So I think we may have to pull back on something this summer. We really are not very comfortable with the amount we have in savings right now, so I imagine we will have to pay a little less towards the mortgage till school starts again starting next month. I do have 2 bonuses coming up though, so we will wait it our for now and see how it goes. I always want to "make" us have enough to do everything we want, put tons in savings and pay hundreds extra on the mortgage.....too bad it doesn't exactly work like that! Smile

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