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I'm back! And so is my internet access!

May 31st, 2010 at 08:06 pm

Sorry I have been MIA! I wasn't feeling well this last week and the laptop that we thought we were going to use for the summer has a virus and we can't use it anymore, it won't let us on the internet! Frown Bummer! So we went and took my old laptop in today. They were not able to save anything off of it or turn it on.....they said they may be able to try to do some more extensive tests to try to get my info back, but would cost $170 just to try. Since I have had that laptop for 7 years I really think that I have gotten my use out of it (I use it EVERYDAY!). So we shopped around town and got a new laptop. It was $330, plus spy ware package, Microsoft Office Suite and warranty came to $641.00. I am really excited as it is really fast and also has a number pad, which I have never had on a laptop and since I have worked at banks in the past I use the number pad much more efficiently! We did 18 months 0% interest at BestBuy. As soon as I got home I transferred $600 from one ING account to a seperate ING account and labeled it Laptop. Now it can sit there and earn interest till December 2011. I am so happy to have a working laptop again! Smile I will try to get caught up with posts this week. Hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day!

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