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Double Bonus!!

June 4th, 2010 at 03:32 am

Good news: Every year when DH switches from school year pay to summer time pay there is always a little "lapse" since his pay periods change and we have to go an extra week or two till the first summer paycheck. We know this will happen every year and always have to take money out of savings to cover it. Well last week I got a bonus for $800 that would help bridge that gap, and then today I got another one for $800!! One of them was a special yearly bonus and the other was my performance incentive for 1st Quarter 2010. I will use the first bonus to cover the time without DH's pay, and the 2nd bonus to pay for our trip to MN next week. We are going to watch 2 Braves/Twins games and between the tickets, hotel, gas and food it will be $500+, which will probably be almost exactly the amount of my bonus after taxes are taken out. It will be our anniversary present/my BD present to us! (both are in June).

1 Responses to “Double Bonus!!”

  1. dfeucht Says:

    Bonuses are always nice. First trip to Target Field? It's beautiful and a great experience - especially for those of us up here who have watched ball under a teflon sky our whole lives. Enjoy Minneapolis!

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