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Flight for Vegas booked

July 9th, 2010 at 01:29 am

We got our flight for Vegas booked yesterday. Got $59.99 each way, which I am happy with, it had been $119.99 and $99.99 the last few weeks. Crappy thing is Allegiant Air hits you hard with fees. $40 in fees each way. Frown DH got a lot of fees taken off of the bill...ground transportation, seat selection fee, and we will share one suitcase to take $60 bag checking fee down to $30. The day after we booked I heard that you can save about $13 a piece by going out to the airport and buying the tickets instead of buying online (convenience fee), did not know that before, but now that we know we will definitely go do that next year as the airport is only 5 min from our house. So flight costs came out to $400 total and hotel was free.....I am happy with a $400 5 day trip to Vegas! Yeah! Now I am sooo antsy to go!! Counting the days!

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