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July 9th, 2010 at 01:18 am

DH had worn his khaki shorts out, one pair he got bleach on (have no idea how he did that!) and one pair he has got holes in the butt pockets. He suggested that we go to a thriftstore to look for some new ones. I was surprised at this as I never normally go to thrift store unless I need stuff for Halloween costumes....but thought it would be fun to go check it out. We have a brand new Goodwill store near our house so we went to check it out and I was really surprised at how nice, clean and organized it was, it was really more like Plato's Closet then a thrift store. Everything was sized and color coordinated! DH found 2 pairs that he liked, tried them on, and was happy! They were $3.50 per pair, so I was totally happy to pay $7.00 for 2 prs of shorts for him. But when we were paying the cashier told us the one pair was on sale for $1 and the other was on sale for $2! So 2 prs of shorts = $3!!! Soooo excited! Usually when we go to get clother for DH we go to Target or JCPenneys and it would probably be about $30 for a pair of shorts so I was psyched about the savings. We went to 3 other thriftstores in town, but they were all kind of dingy/dirty and too hard to find anything worth buying. But we were tickled with our initial finds and I will definitely be checking them out for future purchases!

Also that day we went to Coldstone for ice cream and the girl made too much for DH so he got an entire extra ice cream cup for free!

Go hubby!

1 Responses to “Thriftstore!”

  1. Jerry Says:

    There is definitely something special about a clean and reasonably priced second hand store, and they can really lead to great savings! Add to that the insurance of supporting a good cause, in many cases, and it is win-win all the way around. Nice find, and that ice cream sounds delicious right about now... =)

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