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I'm Plumbed!

August 6th, 2010 at 12:30 am

Yeah we finally got the plumbing done on our bathroom remodel! We were really worried that we were going to have to pay a lot for the plumbing because we had a plumber come look at it and he was telling us that he would have to take the whole shower back out that we had just gotten put in and rip down a wall......UGH> Said could be close to $1K for all the work! But then we had a second plumber come look at it and he said no way he can fix no big deal, only needs to cut a hole in the wall to fix, no ripping it down or taking out the shower. Make hole in wall, put in new hardware and then putty/paint hole. So the new plumber came and hooked the whole shower up, put new hardware on the sink and fixed a running toilet all for only $100! I was so impressed at that price for all 3 items. All that is left now is for my Dad to spackle and put on a new base board, then we will repaint and FINALLY will be done for good with the 2nd bathroom. Hopefully he will have time to come do that in the next week or so.

1 Responses to “I'm Plumbed!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    A good example of where a second estimate or opinion is a good idea! Great deal.

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