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Discover Rewards

October 25th, 2010 at 12:54 am

We use our Discover Card for everything....and I mean EVERYTHING. All daily purchases like fuel, groceries, gifts, going out to eat, vacations and household supplies. As well as monthly bills like our cell phone bill, water bill, utilities bill and gym membership. The only thing we don't put on the Discover is the electricity and the mortgage since they don't accept credit cards. We always pay the balance in full every month, have been doing so since I got a credit card when I was 18, 8 years ago.
So every other month or so we get $50 is Discover Rewards for Free. You can use them for cash, a credit to your bill, or you can get Partner Rewards. Partner Rewards are when you use your balance to get a gift card with a bonus amount. Example would be: You use $45 of your balance and they send you a $50 gift card to Applebees. So the $45 is free cause it is your Discover Reward, and $5 bonus for choosing the gift card option.
Normally I always get the cash automatically deposited into our savings account. But next month we are going to a wedding out of state and will be staying at a Best Western hotel. So I checked the list and Best Western is one of their vendor partners. So I used $45 in rewards and got a $50 gift card for the Best Western which will cover almost our whole hotel bill. Smile Yeah!
I love Discover, they are so convenient, great website and I enjoy their rewards!

5 Responses to “Discover Rewards”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I'm a big Discover card fan too. I don't use it for everything, but most things and I like the cash back feature.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I love Discover. They are the only card that has not slashed limits/raised rates on us. In fact, they actually raised our limit as we paid down the card Smile We have decided once we are out of debt to use them like you guys do. And the rewards are just a nice perk!

  3. ndchic Says:

    I love credit card rewards. It's like free money!

  4. Jason Says:

    I use discover rewards card too, but this one has rotating rewards every quarter, for eg. this quarter it is 5% cash back on restaurants, department stores and clothing stores (but the catch is - its only upto $300 spent) so that leaves me with a potential cash back of only $15.
    Overall it is only 0.25% back on the first $3000 spent in a year.
    Do you use a different discover cash back card?

  5. CB in the City Says:

    I use Discover the same way. I always get the credit, but the gift cards are something to consider at this time of year.

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