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Halloween Costumes on the cheap

October 29th, 2010 at 01:32 am

My husband and I are going to be Season 1-2 Jim and Pam from "The Office" for Halloween. I just bought a shirt for $1.25 and a skirt for $1.25 from Goodwill. They are very "Pammy". I already had a cardigan that I can wear with it, and Pam's Keds. Then I will style my long brown hair like Pams. For DH we can just wear a white dress shirt, black tie and slacks. He purposely let his hair get too long so he is all shaggy like Jim, and since he is blonde we got some wash out brown hair color to put in his hair. I have been telling him to practice his Jim faces. Total cost was $2.50 for my clothes (which I can wear again since they are just dress clothes) and $6.20 for DH for the hair dye. YEAH for cheap Halloween!
On the not so cheap side......Halloween Candy....UGH! We live on a very busy street for trick or treaters. Last year I did a tally sheet and we had over 300 kids! Awww! So this year we bought suckers as they seemed to be the cheapest candy, and I will be giving only one per kid. I hate to be cheap for candy, but with that many kids we have to. It still cost almost $30 for that candy. We will have to watch for sales after Halloween and maybe get some candy to freeze for next year.

1 Responses to “Halloween Costumes on the cheap”

  1. Homebody Says:

    The first few years in our house, we had over 300 because we were the only "neighborhood". Now our town has a few newer neighborhoods with houses close together, so we get less. I love trick or treaters, so does my dog.

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