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Out of state wedding

November 21st, 2010 at 05:56 pm

We went to a wedding out of state (6 hr drive each way) this weekend. We did pretty good on keeping it cheap. The hotel was normally $100 a night, but got a discount to $80 a night since it was part of the reserved block for the wedding. Then we had a $50 giftcard from our Discover rewards, so after taxes we only paid $36 for the hotel. On the way there DH brought water and I had 1 bottle of pop and we spent $5 on McDonalds breakfast. The wedding was a night wedding, so we went to supper before the wedding, only spent $16 even though we went to a fancy resteraunt. We just each had appetizers and I had water. Then at the wedding they had a keg, so no money on booze Smile this was a big plus cause we had figured it would be about $50 for drinks for the night. Of course we did donate some money to the bride and groom, but they did not have a dollar dance, and they did not sell the garter. They also had a large bin of drinks and some picnic-ey food so we had a snack and took a can of pop for the drive home today. Drive home we spent $12 on food which was more then we should have spent, but overall a very cheap trip, add in fuel costs and it was under $150 total for the whole trip.

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