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$10 coupon for JCP

December 19th, 2010 at 05:06 pm

I had a spend $10 get $10 off coupon for JCP in the mail. I really didn't need anything, so looked around for a good deal to use my free $10 on.

3 prs of gloves
Regularily $15.00
On sale on for $3.99

Long sleeve thermal (it's so cute!)
Regularily $20.00
On sale for $9.99

-$10 coupon

Total OOP = $4.22
Total Saved = $31.02

I really don't need the gloves so I am not sure if I will sell them or keep them yet. But the thermal I really like.
We also had a spend $75 save $15 coupon which DH used when he was buying Christmas presents for his Dad and grandma.

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