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Free Clothes for Rummage Sale

January 2nd, 2011 at 06:20 am

A friend of mine had clothes of her husbands that he no longer wanted. She knows that we do several rummage sales every year and asked if I wanted the clothes to sell at the rummage sale. She does not want any money back, she just wanted the clothes out of the house and said if I store them and mark them I can keep any money we make from selling them. Well I *finally* finished marking them all. There was a lot more then I expected! It was almost all mens XL, XXL, and XXXL polo and dress shirts. All in very nice, new condition. There were also several coats including a brand new (tag still on) Columbia fall jacket and a leather jacket from Wilson's Leather. I marked most of the shirts at $1.50 and the coats at $5.00. I am not sure yet what to put on the leather jacket.....it is kinda hard in the elbows like maybe something got spilled on it? I am going to have my Mom look at it and see what she thinks. All total there were 47 items, and if I sold all of them it would be $70 - that's not counting the leather jacket since I haven't marked it yet. Hopefully we can make a few bucks off of it! Smile There was also 1 shirt that I gave to my Uncle (Steelers), 1 for my older brother (Jeff Gordon) and 1 for my little brother and 1 for my husband. None of them are XL+, but there were a couple of styles that would work for them.
ETA - Here is how we have done on this stuff in the sale:
8/27/11 $39.25
9/10/11 $56.10
5/18/12 $17.00
6/23/12 $2.00
8/24/11 $3.50
9/7/12 $10.00
6/15/13 $10.50
Total $138.35 FREE!!

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