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Taxes are filed and getting back more then I thought :)

January 29th, 2011 at 04:20 am

Ok So originally I thought we were getting back about $1500 federal and $150 state, but I didn't have all of our tax documents yet. Then I entered my HSA stuff based on what I "though" and it said we were only getting about $600 federal and $70 state. So I was bummed. But now I actually got my HSA tax form in the mail and entered it and we are getting back $1574 federal and $156 state! YEAH! This was the first year we had an HSA to report on our taxes, so when I was entering it originally I was not putting it in right. Now that I know how it needs to be entered it should go smoothly next year. So I am very happy with that size return. I know that the smaller the return the better since it is actually my money, but I like getting back between $1000 - $2000 because we usually go on a mini vaca every March for my husband's birthday, so it is perfect timing to fund the trip. So taxes are all e-filed and should receive the refund within the next few weeks.
Total is:
Federal $1574
State $156
= $1730
For now we will be putting $230 into savings and then whatever we bring back from DH's BD trip will also go into savings. Hopefully we will being back at least $700 (We are going to Deadwood!)

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