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Poor hubby!

February 21st, 2011 at 06:48 pm

Here is my DH's ankle Frown

My husband only weighs 140 lbs, so you can imagine how fat this ankle is!

Ewww...nasty bruise!
He went to the Dr today and luckily it is just a bad sprain. Happy it is not broken! Looks horrible though...office visit, xray, crutches and rx. Don't know how much the office visit and the xray are yet, but the crutches were $60, and the generic rx was $4.16 (brand name would have been $53!!). Wish I would have been with him, cause I would have told him not to get crutches with the dr, could have got them at CVS for half that price.....oh well, the crutches are for adults 5'2 to 5'11, so either one of us can use them, and we should never have to buy crutches again. And the rx was super cheap so that was good.

2 Responses to “Poor hubby!”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Awww, that looks awful! Glad it's not broken but it sure doesn't look like fun. Frown

  2. Looking Forward Says:

    poor DH Frown

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