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Good Deals at CVS

February 22nd, 2011 at 03:17 am

So while we were waiting around at CVS for DH's meds we found some good deals. Valentines Candy was 75% off!

$.97 Kleenex - Saved $1.02
$.97 Kleenex - Saved $1.02
$1.25 Big Heart Strawberry Chocolates - Saved $3.74
$1.25 Big Heart of Mini Candy Bars - Saved $3.74
$1.25 Big Heart of Mini Candy Bars - Saved $3.74
$.75 Mini Heart Box of Chocolates - Saved $2.24

Total Spent $6.83!
Total Saved was $15.50!

Now the chocolates we definitely not needs......but 75% off of Valentines Candy is a great deal. All of the candy was for DH except the Strawberry Cream Chocolates were for me (just had one and it was AH-Mazing!). DH will freeze the rest and eat them for the next month or two. Of couse we were out of Kleenex again since I was sick for so long, but am feeling lots better, so these should last for more then a week this time.

I also signed up for their "extra care rewards" card. So starting in April I should get 2% back from any purchases made in Jan - March 2011. I don't shop at CVS very often, usually only when we are getting an RX, but every little bit of savings helps!

2 Responses to “Good Deals at CVS”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Their ecb program is pretty good. You can usually score things for free or close to it. Great way to stock up on toiletries.

  2. OneAZ woman Says:

    CVS is a great place to shop. Many websites, including this one, list the best deals each week. You can often find money makers if you stack their sales with manufacturers coupons and their Extrabucks rewards. Just make sure to keep rolling the Extrabucks before they expire.The good news is that their Extrabucks are good for about a month so you have plenty of time to find another deal to use them with.

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