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Vickie's Coupons

February 26th, 2011 at 12:07 am

(VS1/2011) Got my first free undies coupon of the year from Victoria's Secret. Good for 1 Free Incredible Hip Hugger, so I will have to go in the next week or 2 to get my free chonies. Normally these coupons come with a 2nd coupon good for $10 off any bra, but I never use that because I don't buy my bras at VS, they are way to expensive, and can get just as good or better quality at department stores. But this time the 2nd coupon was for $10 off any purchase! So I will probably use that one too, try to find some undies for $12 or so then I can get 2 prs of undies for $2. That is the plan, we'll see what I can find!

Also I have been seeing some commercials for P&G Brand Saver coupons coming out in Feb 27th newspaper. We don't get the paper (free online) so I am going to try to get to the gym early on Sunday so I can get the coupons from their newspaper. Smile

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