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Mini Win on the mortgage front!

April 10th, 2011 at 06:44 pm

Well I made a little progress with the mortgage company about the fees I have been trying to get reimbursed (yes it's still going on....). I have still been fighting with them, trying to get supervisors to call me back and faxing in more information to them. Very annoying and frustrating. But today I logged on to check my balance since they messed up my last payment as well. I didn't post about that on here because I was soooo mad at the time that they had messed up another payment that I was ready to break something. I had sent in a principle payment for April, I wrote ALL over the payment coupon and check that it was for PRINCIPLE PAYMENT ONLY and they still applied it to May's payment......A N G R Y ! ! ! ! ! Anyways, I was logging on to make sure that they had corrected that (which they did) and saw that they have now credited me back the $12.50 I had to pay to make the online payment for March. So that is something at least. They credited the $12.50 to my principle balance, so that takes the mortgage down to $132,437.50. So now since the $60 was credited back from my bank and the mortgage company gave back the $12.50 fee, we are technically back to even. Still hoping the mortgage company will give back the $60 as they are the ones responsible for it. But if they don't at least now we are not out anything except for time and frustration.

1 Responses to “Mini Win on the mortgage front!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    It almost sounds like the payments are being processed by machine. Is that possible? I wonder if there might be another address to mail your principal payments to. Does the mortgage company have a website where you can pay your mortage or principal payments online?

    Just thoughts since our payments are automatic from our checking account and I know I can make extra principal payments online.

    Good luck!!

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