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Moving around the MOH Money

April 28th, 2011 at 01:11 am

Well the wedding is in just 2 1/2 weeks and we have not had to use the MOH money. I just paid for everything out of checking as it came up, so still have the full $500 set aside in savings. So I moved the $500 to the EF since that is the next fund we are working on. Now the EF is at $2300 and the goal is $3000 for this year, so we are getting there. This summer will be rough, but we just have to be diligent!

2 Responses to “Moving around the MOH Money”

  1. momcents Says:

    What kind of tanning did you ever decide to use?

  2. Banker Gurl Says:

    I ended up going with the regular tanning beds at my gym. It is $12.50 a month (so cheap!). And I must say my tan is looking amazing! Two more weeks to get a little more color, but I am really happy with how I look!

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